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Booksellers abbreviations - F, G, H & I

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F - Fine

Facsimile - Exact reproduction of an original document or book, often printed by a different, and usually more economical, process.

FEP - Front endpaper.

FFEP - Free front endpaper.

FFEP - Front free endpaper.

First Edition Thus - Not the original edition, but the first appearance of some new features, illustrations, revisions, etc.

First Edition - All copies of a book printed from the original setting of type.

FL - Flyleaf

Fly Leaf - The part of the endpaper that is not stuck down

Folio - A publication made up from printed sheets folded once only. The term has now become to mean any large book.

Font - All size of one variant of a typeface produced by a particular manufacturer.
Fore-Edge Painting - An image painted on the fore-edge. Usually done while this is fanned out, becoming concealed when the volume is closed.

Fore-Edge - The edge of the book parallel to the spine.

Foxing - Reddish brown (fox coloured) spotting caused by damp affecting the impurities in the paper.

FRONTIS - Frontispiece

Frontispiece - The plate facing the title page.

G - Good

Gatefold - Where a page, usually illustrated, folds out to accommodate the image that is larger than the books page size.

Gathering - An individual group of leaves gathered together in the folding of the printed sheets.

Gauffered Edges - Gilt edges decorated with tooling.

Guard - (i) Folding Maps, or plates, are sometimes mounted on guards, narrow strips of paper sewn into the book, too aviate sewing through the middle of the image itself. (ii) a leaf (often of tissue) inserted to protect a plate. (iii) A type of repair to the margins of individual leaves.

Gutta-Percha - A rubber adhesive used as an alternative to sewing.

Gutter - The two inner margins of an opened page.

Half-Binding - A binding of which only the back strip and corners are covered.

Half-Title - A leaf before the main title-page recording the title, usually without further details.

HC - Hardcover

Holograph - A manuscript written entirely in the authors' own hand.

IL, ILLUS - Illustrated

Impression - (i) All the copies of a book printed at any one time, in a single printing, from the same type. (ii) the act of printing itself, or the quality of it, especially of the plates themselves.

Imprimatur - From the Latin, 'let it be printed'. A permission to print found in books where publishing required sanction from the relevant authority, usually the Church or State.

Imprint - Statement of names of the persons, issuing the document, usually publisher or printer, often also including date, and place of publication.

Incunabula - From the Latin, 'swaddling clothes'. Books from the infancy of printing, usually before 1500.

India Paper - A very thin, absorbent paper, generally used for proofs of engravings or woodcuts.

Intaglio - A method of printing from an engraved metal plate, which under pressure forces the paper to accept ink from the engraved incisions in the plate rather than from the relief surface.

IOBA - Independent Online Booksellers Association.