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Booksellers abbreviations - C, D & E

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C., c. - Before date, meaning circa; about, approximately, round, around.

Calf - The most common bookbinding leather, smooth textured and capable of taking most dyes.

Called For - Should be present in a complete copy.

Cancel - To cut out and replace a wrongly printed leaf.

Caoutchouc - An early (and unsatisfactory) method of securing single sheets by roughening the spine edges and applying a rubber cement and reinforcing with caoutchouc impregnated cloth. Popular in the middle of the nineteenth century. Possibly a forerunner to our modern perfect binding.

Cartouche - A decorative device or border used to enclose a title, name or image.

Catalogue Raisonné - The complete works, in this case by one artist.

Catchword - A word printed below the bottom line and matching the first word of the next page.
Chapbook - A small cheap booklet on popular subjects, once sold by Chapmen or street hawkers.

Chromolithograph - A lithograph printed in colour.

Cloth - Fabric covering. Widely used since about 1830.

Collation - The formal description of the make-up of the book.

Collotype - A photomechanical printing process. Printing is done from a raised gelatine film on a glass support. Used mostly in early photographs.

Colophon - Statement of publication. Details of which are usually printed at the end of a book.

Comb Binding - A method of binding using a plastic 'comb' through slots cut in the margin of the single sheets of paper. This enables the volume to be left lying flat open. see Spiral Bind.

Concertina Fold - A method of folding paper whereby each fold runs in the opposite direction to the one before, to form a pleated effect. Sometimes called an Accordion Fold or Fan Fold.

Condition - State or condition of the book.

Contemporary - Dating from the period at which the book was published.

CR, CPR, © - Copyright

Crushed Morocco - Morocco pressed or ironed to extreme smoothness and high polish.

Cuts - (i) Illustrations printed within the text, as opposed to plates, which are printed separately. (ii) excisions or omissions, usually made to satisfy lawyers, etc.

CWO - Check/cash with order.

DEC - Decorated

Dentelle - Lacelike border pattern on a binding.

Dropped Title - The title is placed at the head of the first page of text rather than on a separate title page. (also known as a Dropped Head)

DS - Document signed

DJ, DW - Dustjacket, Dustwrapper or Wrapper. The publishers protective jacket, usually made of paper, introduced in the 19th century.

ED - Edition or Editor

Edition - All copies of the book produced, at any time from the same setting of type. New impressions and reprints are technically of the same edition if neither the setting nor the process has been altered.

Endpaper - The paper lining to the inside binding. The Paste Down is pasted to the cover, the Free Endpaper protects the text.

EP - Endpaper

Ephemera - Printed material of a transitory nature, technically lasting only one day.

Errata - A list of misprints, errors or omissions.

Etching - An image printed from an acid etched Intaglio plate.

EX LIB - Ex-Library copy

Ex Library - Withdrawn from a library. With the usual rubber stamps and markings.

EX LIBRIS - From the library of, referring to previous owner--often found on bookplates.