Booksellers Abbreviations

Explore our glossary of abbreviations and terms commonly used by booksellers and collectors.
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    A Repetition  -  A style of French binding incorporating a design element repeated over the entire cover.
    A la fanfare  -  An elaborate style of French binding developed in the late Sixteenth century.
    ABA  -  American Bookseller's Association.
    ABA  -  Antiquarian Booksellers' Association. (British equivalent of the ABAA.)
    ABAA  -  Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America.
    AEG  -  Standard abbreviation for 'all edges gilt', referring to the gilded edges of the text-block in a bound work.
    ALS  -  Autograph Letter Signed.
    ARC  -  Advance Readers Copy.
    Advance Review Copy  -  A complimentary advance copy of a new book often sent to reviewers, usually a soft cover.
    All Edges Stained (AES)  -  The top, fore-edge and foot of the book are coloured with a decorative stain.
    All Published  -  Usually used of a serially published work to indicate that all issued parts are present.