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Beloved quotes & sayings

These beloved quotes and beloved sayings are from our famous and inspiring quotes collection.
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And to his eye There was but one beloved face on earth, And that was shining on him. - Lord Byron

In the midst of love-making, I heard the snores of my beloved. - Mason Cooley

Oh sleep! It is a gentle thing, Beloved from pole to pole. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is a good thing to be rich, it is a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be beloved of many friends. - Euripides

The more characteristic American hero in the earlier day, and the more beloved type at all times, was not the hustler but the whittler. - Marlene Dietrich

I am tired, beloved, of chafing my heart against the want of you; of squeezing it into little ink-drops, and posting it. And I scald alone, here, under the fire of the great moon. - Amy Lowell

To be beloved is all I need, And whom I love, I love indeed. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

There comes a time in the seeker's life when he discovers that he is at once the lover and the beloved. The aspiring soul which he embodies is the lover in him. And the transcendental Self which he reveals from within is his Beloved. - Sri Chinmoy

The beloved of the Almighty are: The rich who have the humility of the poor, and the poor who have the magnamity of the rich. - Moslih Eddin Saadi