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It is Nature who makes our artists for us, though it may be Art who taught them their right mode of expression. - Oscar Wilde

All great art contains an element of the irrational. - Dame Edith Sitwell

Art is not emotion. Art is the medium in which emotion is expressed. - Nadia Boulanger

The greatest danger of bombs is in the explosion of stupidity that they provoke. - Octave Mirbeau

If I wasn't an actor, I think I'd have gone mad. You have to have extra voltage, some extra temperament to reach certain heights. Art is a little bit larger than life, it's an exhalation of life and I think I you probably need a little touch of madness. - Sir Laurence Olivier

It is the glory and good of Art, That Art remains the one way possible Of speaking truth, to mouths like mine at least. - Robert Browning

Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. - Scott Adams

Art is not in some far-off place. A work of Art is the expression of a man's whole personality, sensibility and ability. - Shinichi Suzuki

True science investigates and brings to human perception such truths and such knowledge as the people of a given time and society consider most important. Art transmits these truths from the region of perception to the region of emotion. - Leo Tolstoy