Approval Quotes & Sayings

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Those whose approval you seek most give you the least. - Maurice Chevalier
Consult: To seek approval for a course of action already decided upon. (The Devil's Dictionary) - Ambrose Bierce
People who want the most approval get the least and people who need approval the least get the most. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
He gains everyone's approval who mixes the pleasant with the useful. - Horace [Quintus Horacius Flaccus]
When one is trying to do something beyond his known powers it is useless to seek the approval of friends. Friends are at their best in moments of defeat. - Henry V. Miller
Desire for approval and recognition is a healthy motive, but the desire to be acknowledged as better, stronger or more intelligent than a fellow being or fellow scholar easily leads to an excessively egoistic psychological adjustment, which may become injurious for the individual and for the community. - Albert Einstein
Lean too much on the approval of people, and it becomes a bed of thorns. - Tehyi Hsieh
All who think cannot but see there is a sanction like that of religion which binds us in partnership in the serious work of the world. - Benjamin Franklin