Apartments Quotes & Sayings

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It's a small apartment, I've barely enough room to lay my hat and a few friends. - Dorothy Parker
Someone knocks at the door of an apartment to borrow salt or sugar, people run into each other in the elevator, and in this way become inscribed in the spectator's memory. - Krzysztof Kieslowski
My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It's in the apartment somewhere. - Steven Wright
We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential. - Barack Obama
I have a switch in my apartment that doesn't do anything. Every once in a while I turn it on and off. On and off. On and off. One day I got a call from a woman in France who said 'Cut it out!' - Steven Wright
The inner spaces that a good story lets us enter are the old apartments of religion. - John Updike
I installed a skylight in my apartment. The people who live above me are furious! - Steven Wright
I started out by believing God for a newer car than the one I was driving. I started out believing God for a nicer apartment than I had. Then I moved up. - Walter Bagehot