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Many people today don't want honest answers insofar as honest means unpleasant or disturbing, They want a soft answer that turneth away anxiety. - Louis Kronenberger
There are no right answers to wrong questions. - Ursula K. Le Guin
The liberally educated person is one who is able to resist the easy and preferred answers, not because he is obstinate but because he knows others worthy of consideration. - Allan David Bloom
The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions. - Claude Levi-Strauss
Some questions don't have answers, which is a terribly difficult lesson to learn. - Katharine Graham
The mark of a well educated person is not necessarily in knowing all the answers, but in knowing where to find them. - Douglas Everett
As long as one keeps searching, the answers come. - Joan Baez
If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: Think of it as a place of training and correction and it's not so bad. (Answers to Questions on Christianity) - C. S. Lewis
On two occasions I have been asked (by members of Parliament), 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question. - Charles Babbage