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Reason is the historian, but passions are the actors. - Antoine de Rivarol
Anyone who thinks impressions of old movie actors is funny absolutely cannot be trusted. I think it's like a law of nature. (The Waste Lands) - Stephen Edwin King
We become actors without realizing it, and actors without wanting to. - Henri Frederic Amiel
Psychoanalysis. Almost went three times, almost. Then I decided what was peculiar about me was probably what made me successful. I've seen some very talented actors go into analysis and really lose it. - Bette Davis
The great actors are the luminous ones. They are the great conductors of the stage. - Ethel Barrymore
I mean, the question actors most often get asked is how they can bear saying the same things over and over again, night after night, but God knows the answer to that is, don't we all anyway; might as well get paid for it. - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
If a farmer fills his barn with grain, he gets mice. If he leaves it empty, he gets actors. - Sir Walter Scott
The art of procreation and the members employed therein are so repulsive, that if it were not for the beauty of the faces and the adornments of the actors and the pent-up impulse, nature would lose the human species. - Leonardo da Vinci