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Email acronyms & abbreviations - X, Y & Z

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XCHG - Exchange

XCLUSVLYURS - Exclusively yours

X-I-10 - Exciting

XING - Crossing

XL - Extra large

XLAT - Translate

XLNT - Excellent

XM - Excuse me

XMAS - Christmas

XME - Excuse me

XMEQK - Kiss me quick

XMIT - Transmit

XO - Hug & kiss (one)

XOXO - Hugs & kisses (a few)

XOXOXO - Hugs & kisses (a lot)

XPERENS - Experience

XXX - Three/many-many kisses

XYZ - Examine your zipper

Y - Why?

Y - Yawning

Y2K - Year 2000 (long gone)

Y2K - You're too kind

Y3 - Yadda yadda yadda

YA yaya - Yet another ya-ya (as in yo-yo)

YA - Yet again

YA - Yet another

YA - You

YA - Your

YAA - Yet another acronym

YAAG - You are a genius

YABA - Yet another bloody acronym

YABSA - Yet another bloody stupid acronym!

YAC - Are you available to chat?

YACC - Yet another calendar company

YADS - Yet another dos shell

YAFA - Yet another 'fine' abbreviation

YAFA - Yet another 'fine' acronym

YAFI - You asked for it

YAFIYG - You asked for it, you got it

YAFIYGI - You ask for it, you get it

YAFIYGI - You asked for it, you got it

YANETUT - You are not expected to understand this

YAOTM - Yet another off-topic message

YAP - Yet another ploy

YATB - You are the best

YAUN - Yet another Unix nerd

YAYL - Yak at you later

YBIC - Your brother in Christ

YBS - You'll be sorry

YBYSB - You bet your sweet bippy

YBYSB - You bet your sweet butt

YCDBSOYB - You can't do business sitting on your butt!

YCDBWYCID - You can't do business when your computer is down!

YCGB - You can't get better

YCHT - You can have them

YCLIU - You can look it up

YCT - Your comment to

YDAGWYW - You don't always get what you want

YDD - Yabba dabba doo

YDKM - You don't know me

YDKTPOTDS - You don't know the power of the dark side (Star Wars)

YDNRC - You do not remember correctly

YEM - You enjoy myself

YEPPIES - Young experimenting perfection seekers

YFEM - Your favorite ethnic minority

YG - Young gentleman

YGB - You go boy

YGBK - You gotta be kidding

YGBKM - You gotta be kidding me

YGG - You go girl

YGGM, YGIAGAM - Your guess is as good as mine

YGLT - You're gonna love this

YGM - You've got mail

YGTBDSM - You've got to be dry-shaving me

YGTBK - You've got to be kidding

YGTBKM - You've got to be kidding me!

YGTI - You get the idea?

YGWYPF - You get what you pay for

YHABIYE - You have a banana in your ear

YHB_ - You have been ___

YHBBYBD - You'd have better bet your bottom dollar

YHBH - You have been had

YHBT - You have been taken

YHBT - You have been told

YHBT - You have been trolled

YHBW - You have been warned

YHGASPL - You have got a serious problem, lad!

YHGMTPO_ - You have greatly misunderstood the purpose of ___

YHL hAND - You have lost the hand

YHL - You have lost

YHM - You have mail

YHTBT - You had to be there

YIAH - Yes I am here

YIC - Yours in Christ

YID - Yes, I do

YIU - Yes, I understand

YIWGP - Yes, I will go private

YKIYEI - You killed it, you eat it

YKW? - You know what?

YKWIM - You know what I mean

YKWYCD - You know what you can do

YKWYCD - You know what you could do

YKYARW - You know you're a redneck when

YKYATP - You know you're a tired parent

YKYB - You know you've been

YKYB_TLW - You know you've been __ing too long when

YKYBHTLW - You know you've been hacking to long when

YKYBOTLW - You know you've been on-line too long when

YKYHBPQTLW - You know you have been playing quake too long when

YKYHBxTLW - You know you have been x too long when

YKYWTKM - You know you want to kiss me

YL - You'll live

YL - Young lady

YLYSC - You're lucky you're so cute

YM - You mean

YM - Young man

YMBJ - You must be joking

YMMD - You've made my day

YMMV - Your mileage may vary (your experience may differ)

YMMVG - Your mileage may vary greatly

YNK - You never know

YOWTWYWT - You obviously weren't thinking when you wrote that

YOYO - You're on your own

YOYOW - You own your own words

YPOM - Your place or mine?

YR - Why are

YR - Yea, right (sarcastic)

YR - Your (sacastic)

YRG - You are good

YRPLCOMN? - Your place or mine?

YRYOCC - You're running on your own cookoo clock

YSHFRTT - You should have finished reading the thread

YSIC - Your sister in christ

YSS - You suck severely

YSWUS - Yea, sure whatever you say!

YSYD - Yeah, sure you do

YT - Yours truly

YTD - Year to date

YTLKIN2ME - You talking to me?

YTMOB - You turn me on baby

YTTM - You talking to me?

YTTT - You telling the truth?

YUPPIE - Young upwardly-mobile professional

YUPPIES - Young urban professionals

YVW - You're very welcome

YW - Young woman

YW - You're welcome

YWEL - You're welcome even less

YWHOL - Yelling 'woohoo' out loud

YWIA - You're welcome in advance

YWSYLS - You win some, you lose some

YWTHM - You want to hug me

YWTKM - You want to kiss me

YWTLM - You want to love me

YWVM - You're welcome very much

YY4U - Two wise for you

YYSSLIBTO - Yeah yeah sure sure, like I believe that one

YYSSW - Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

Z - Zero

Z - Zoo

ZAC - Z's are calling (time for bed)

ZP - Zero perspiration (no sweat)

ZZ - Dozzing, asleep, sleeping

ZZZ - Sleeping, bored, tired

ZZZ - You're boring the heck out of me