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Email acronyms & abbreviations - V & W

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V&V - Verification and validation

VAL - Value

VAR - Variable

VBEG - Very big evil grin

VBG - Very big grin

VBS - Yery big smile

VC - Venture capital

VDH - Very dear husband

VDPKOL - Very deep passionate kiss on the lips

VDW - Very dear wife

VDWPKOL - Very deep wet passionate kiss on the lips

VEG - Very evil grin

VER - Verify

VER - Version

VES - Very evil smile

VF - Very funny

VFM - Value for money

VGC - Very good condition

VH - Virtual hug

VI - Village idiot

VM - Voice mail

VM - Voice message

VNR - Very nice roll gaming

VP - Virtual places

VPL - Visible panty line

VPPH - Virtual places page host

VR - Virtual reality

VRBD - Virtual reality bulldust

VRI - Very

VSF - Very sad face

VT - Virtual time

VW - Very well

VWD - Very well done

VWG - Very wicked grin

VWP - Very well put

VWS - Very well said

VWS - Very wicked smile

W/, w/ - With

W/B - Welcome back

W/B - Write back

W/C - Watts per channel

W/E - Whatever

W/O, w/o - Without

[email protected] - What

W2CAMVE? - Want to see a movie?

W3A - World wide web applets

W3C - World wide web consortium

W4 - What works with what

W4U - Waiting for you

W5? - Who, what, where, when & why? (tell me whole story now!)

W8 - Wait

W84M, W84ME - Wait for me

W8AM - Wait a minute

W8IN 4 - Waiting for

W8ING, W8N - Waiting

W8NC - Wait & see

WAB? - What, another bill?

WAD - Without a doubt

WADR - With all due respect

WAEF - When all else fails

WAF - Wife acceptance factor

WAFWOT - What a friggin' waste of time

WAGS! - What a great story

WAH - Working at home

WAHD - Work at home dad

WAHM - Work at home mom

WAI - Web accessibility initiative

WAI - What an idiot


WALOC - What a load of crap

WAM - Wait a minute

WAMBAM - Web application meets brick and mortar

WAMKSAM - Why are my kids (or kitties) staring at me?

WAN2 :-* - Want to kiss?

WAN2 C A MOV - Want to see a movie?

WAN2, WANNA - Want to?

WAN2TLK - Want to talk?

WAR - Web archive

WASFM - We are so friggin' mean

WASP - White Anglo-Saxon protestant

WASSUP - What's up?

WAT - What

WATG - Who are those guys?

WATRUDOINLTR - What are you doing later?

WAW - Why ask why?

WAY - What about you?

WAY - Who are you?

WAYA - Why are you asking? (sometimes in a sarcastic manner)

WAYD - What are you doing?

WAYF - Where are you from?

WAYN - Where are you now?

WB - Welcome back

WB - Write back (e-mail)

WBG - Wild butt guess

WBRB - Won't be right back

WBS - Write back soon

WC - Water closet

WC - Welcome

WC - Who cares?

WC - Word count

WCA - Who cares anyway

WCAGA - What comes around, goes around

WCKD - Wicked

WCTS - Without consulting the source

WCTYBTWHTKY - We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you

WD - Well done

WDALYIC - Who died and left you in charge?

WDHLM - Why doesn't he love me

WDHTHI - Who does he think he is?

WDR - With due respect

WDSTSI - Who dose she think she is?

WDTTTA - Who do they think they are?

WDYMBT - What did you mean by that?

WDYMBT - What do you mean by that?

WDYS - What did you say?

WDYT - What do you think?

WDYWTTA - What do you want to talk about

WE - Weekend

WE - Whatever

WEFT - Wrong every friggin' time

WEG - Wicked evil grin

WEHT - Whatever happened to (so and so)

WEL - Well

WEN - When

WENJA? - When do you?

WER R U - Where are you

WERJA? - Where do you?

WERRU? - Where are you?

WERUBN? - Where have you been?

WERV U BIN - Where have you been

WEU - What's eating you?

WF - Warm fuzzies

WF - Way fun

WFH - Work from home

WFHC - What for how come

WFHIT - What fresh hell is this? (Dorothy parker)

WFM - Works for me

WFO - Wide full (or friggin') open

WFR - Waiting for reply

WG - Wicked grin

WGAC - Who gives a crap

WGAFF - Who gives a flying flip

WGAFF - Who gives a flying leap

WGAH - Who gives a hoot

WHAK - With hugs and kisses

WHC - Workstation host connection

WHWITW - Would have wanted it that way

WI - With

WIBAMU - Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle

WIBGI - Wouldn't it be great if

WIBNI - Wouldn't it be nice if

WIFTAN - Waste of friggin' time and money

WIGAC - When I get a chance

WIIFM - What's in it for me?

WIIWD - What it is we do

WILBI - Wouldn't it be lovely if

WIP - Work in progress

WISP - Winning is so pleasureable

WIT - Wordsmith in training

WIT - Works in theory

WITFITS - What in the flip is this stuff

WITHDYTYA - Who in the heck do you think you are?

WITW - What in the world

WIU - Wrap it up

WIV - Write back soon

WJFFM - Works just fine for me

WJM - We're just mean

WK - Week

WKEND - Weekend

WKEWL - Way cool

WKF - Well known fact

WKND STARTS @8 - Weekend starts at 8

WKND - Weekend

WL - Will

WLUBMN? - Will you be mine?

WLUMRYME? - Will you marry me?

WMC - Workflow management coalition

WMGGW - While my guitar gently weeps

WMMOWS - Wash my mouth out with soap!

WMPLOL - Wet my pants laughing out loud

WMRM - Write many, read many

WMRS - Write me real soon

WN - When

WNDITWB - We never did it this way before

WNOHGB - Were no one has gone before

WNOHGB - Where no one has gone before

WOA - Work of art

WOB - Waste of bandwidth

WOBTAM - Waste of both time and money

WOFTAM - Waste of flaming/friggin' time and money

WOG - Wise old guy

WOLF - Witless one line followup

WOM - Word of mouth

WOMBAT - Waste of money, brains and time

WOOFYS - Well off older folks

WOOT - Way out of topic

WOP - With out papers

WOS - Waste of space

WOS - Wife over shoulder

WOT - Waste of time

WOT - What?

WOTAM - Waste of time and money

WOWF - Witless one word followup

WP - Wrong person

WP! - Well put!

WPKOL - Wet passionate kiss on the lips

WPYS - Who pulled your string

WR - With respect

WRD(S) - Word(s)

WRK - Work

WRT - With regard to

WRT - With respect to

WRU - Where are you?

WS - Wait state

WS - Workstation

WSD - Willing suspension of disbelief (when watching movies)

WSDMU - We sure did miss you

WSLS - Win some, lose some

WSP - Wide spread panic

WSUUUUU? - What's up?

WT - What the

WT - Who the

WT - Without thinking

WT - Write through

WT? - What the?

WT? - Who the?

WTAA - What's this all about

WTB - Want to buy

WTB - Wanted to buy

WTB - Where's the beef?

WTF - What's the flip?

WTFN - Why the flip not?

WTG - Way to go!

WTGP? - Want to go private? (move to a private chat room)

WTH - What the heck?

WTH - What the hell?

WTHDIC - What the hell do I care

WTHDIK - What the heck do I know

WTHDTM - What the hell does that mean

WTHDYTYA - Who the heck do you think you are

WTHRU - Who the hell are you?

WTHWT - What the heck was that

WTM? - What time?

WTMI - Way too much information

WTMKF - Welcome to my kill filter

WTMPI - Way too much personal information

WTMTOYH - Way too much time on your hands

WTN - What then now?

WTR - Wanted to rent

WTSDS - Where the sun don't shine

WTTH - Welcome to the hellmouth

WTTM - Without thinking too much

WTTRW - Welcome to the real world

WTV - Watching TV

WU? - What's up?

WUC - Why you cry?

WUCIWUG - What you see is what you get

WUD - What's up dog?

WUD? - What you doing?

WUD? - What's up doc?

WUF - Where are you from?

WUF - Where you from

WUF? - Where are you from?

WUGAC - When you get a chance

WUSIWUG - What you see is what you get

WUTNB - Wait until the next book

WUWH - Wish you were here

WUWT - What's up with that?

WWA - Waiting with anticipation

WWDWIIWD - When we do what it is we do

WWJD - What would Jesus do?

WWS - Wife wants sex (please wait a tic)

WWSD - What would satan do?

WWTMM - Who was that masked man?

WWW - Wise women of the web

WWW - World wide wait

WWW - World wide web

WWY? - Where were you?

WWYC - Write when you can

WX - Weather

WYBMADIITY - Will you buy me a double if I tell you?

WYC - Why you cry

WYCM? - Will you call me?

WYGAC - When you get a chance

WYGISWYPF - What you get is what you pay for

WYGIWYG - What you got is what you get

WYGIWYPF - What you get is what you pay for

WYGOWM - Will you go out with me

WYLABOCTGWTR - Would you like a bowl of cream to go with that remark?

WYLASOMWTC - Would you like a saucer of milk with that comment?

WYM - What you mean?

WYMM - Will you marry me?

WYP - What's your point?

WYP - What's your problem?

WYRN - What's your real name?

WYS - Watch your step

WYS - Whatever you say

WYSBANRTWYG - What you see bears absolutely no relation to what you get

WYSBYGI - What you see before you get it

WYSIAYG - What you see is all you get

WYSINEWYGBIC - What you see is not exactly what you get but it's close


WYSIWYAG - What you see is what you almost get

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get

WYSIWYPF - What you see is what you pay for

WYSLPG - What you see looks pretty good

WYSOH - Where's your sense of humor?

WYT - Whatever you think

WYTYSYDG - What you thought you saw, you didn't get

WYWH - Wish you were here