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Email acronyms & abbreviations - T & U

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T&E - Trial & error

T/B - Top and bottom

T+ - Think positive

T2G, T2GO - Time to go

T2UL - Talk to you later

TA - Teaching assistant

TA - Thanks a lot

TA - Thanks again

TA4N - That's all for now

TABA - Throws a beer at

TAC - Title, author, copyright

TAF - That's all, folks!

TAFL - Take a flying leap

TAFN - That's all for now

TAFT - That's a frightening thought

TAH - Take a hike

TAKS - That's a knee slapper

TAM - Tomorrow a.m.

TAMO - Then a miracle occurs

TANJ - There ain't no justice

TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch

TAO - Track at once

TARDIS - Time and relative dimensions in space

TARFU - Things are really fouled up

TAS - Taking a shower

TAT - That's a take

TATWIU - That's a take, wrap it up

TAW - Teachers are watching

TAWIS - That ain't what I said

TAYL - Talk at ya later

TB - Text back

TBA - To be advised

TBB - Teenie beanie babies

TBBG - This better be good

TBC - To be continued

TBD OOTD - To be done, one of these days!

TBD - To be decided

TBD - To be determined nearing general acceptance

TBE - To be expected

TBH - To be honest

TBKA - To be known as

TBS - To be sure

TBW - To begin with

TBYB - Try before you buy

TC - Take care

TC - Telephone call

TCB - Taking care of business

TCB - The trouble came back!

TCB - Trouble came back

TCBY - Taking care of business, ya'll

TCD - The cat's dead

TCO - Taken care of

TCOB - Taking care of business

TCOY - Take care of yourself

TCS - Take care sweetheart

TDD - The dog's dead

TDIMM - That doesn't impress me much

TDM - Too damn many

TDTM - Talk dirty to me

TDTU - Totally devoted to you

TEAM - Together everyone achieves more

TEHO - To each his own

TEINAFAIA - The emperor is not as forgiving as I am (Star Wars)

TEMP - Temporary

TEOTWAWKI - The end of the world as we know it

TEXTIN - Texting

TFB - Too friggin' bad

TFDS - That's for darn sure

TFE - Too friggin' easy

TFH - Thread from hades (topic that won't stop)

TFH - Thread from hell (a topic or discussion that won't stop)

TFI - The fact is

TFIC - Tongue firmly in cheek

TFM - Thanks from me

TFM - The friggin' manual

TFMT - Thanks from me, too!

TFN - Thanks for nothin'

TFN - Till further notice

TFS - Thanks for sharing

TFS - Three finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del)

TFTD - Thought for the day

TFTHAOT - Thanks for the help ahead of time

TFTT - Thanks for the thought

TFW - Totally friggin' worthless

TFX - Traffic

TGAL - Think globally, act locally

TGGTG - That girl/guy has got to go

TGIF - Thank God it's friday

TGIF - Thank goodness it's friday

TGTF - Thank God tomorrow's friday

TGU - The great unwashed

THANQ - Thank you

THCA - Till he comes again

THHGTTG - The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

THINKN - Thinking

THKQ, THNQ - Thank you

THN - Then

THNX 1E6 - Thanks a million

THNX - Thanks

THO - Though

THO - Titty hard on

THR - Transmit holding register

THTH - To hot to handle

THX, TX, THKS - Thanks

THX40 - Thanks for nothing

TIA - Thanks in advance

TIAD - Tomorrow is another day

TIAFIMS - There is a fly in my soup

TIAIL - Think I am in love

TIATLG - Truly I am the living god

TIATLG - Truly, I am the living god

TIC - Tongue in cheek

TID - Thread is deteriorating (off topic)

TIE - Take it easy

TIFN - That's it for now

TIG! - This is great!

TIIC - The idiots in charge

TILII - Tell it like it is

TIME - Tears in my eyes (often in combination)

TIMTOWTDI - There is more than one way to do it

TINACAWYNO - There is never a cop around when you need one

TINALO - That is not a legal opinion

TINALO - This is not a legal opinion

TINAR - This is not a recommendation

TINAR - This is not a review

TINJ - There is no justice

TINSTAAFL - There is no such thing as a free lunch

TINWIS - That is not what I said

TIP - To insure promptness

TISONF - There is soup on my fly

TITSTIEH - That is the stupidest thing I ever heard

TITTL - Throw it to the lions

TITTTL - Take it to the talk list

TIWTGLGG - This is where the goofy little grin goes

TJATAW - Truth, justice, and the American way

TJM - That's just me

TK - To come

TK/TK - Track to track

TKS, TNX - Thanks!

TLA - Three letter acronym

TLAR - That looks about right

TLC - Tender loving care

TLG - The living God

TLGO - The list goes on

TLITBC - That's life in the big city

TLK - Tender loving kiss

TLK-2-U - Talk to you

TLK2UL8R - Talk to you later

TLK-2-U-L-8-R - Talk to you later

TM - Text message

TM - Thread mangler

TM - Trademark

TM - Trust me

TMA - Take my advice

TMA - Too many acronyms

TMB - Text me back

TMB - That's my boy (proud father)

TMB - The marriage bed

TMFA - Too many friggin' acronyms

TMI - Too much info (information)

TMIKTLIU - The more I know, the less I understand

TMIY - Take me I'm yours

TMK - To my knowledge

TMOT - Trust me on this

TMP - Temporary

TMS - To much showing

TMSD - Tiny minds seldom differ

TMTC - Too many to count

TMTOWTDI - There's more than one way to do it

TMTOWTSAC - There's more than one way to skin a cat

TMTT - Too much to type

TMWFI - Take my word for it

TNA - Temporarily not available

TNC - Tongue in cheek

TNG - Thing

TNKS - Thanks

TNOTVS - There's nothing on television, so

TNR - That's not right

TNSO - Temptingly naked significant other

TNSTAAFL - There's no such thing as a free lunch

TNT - 'Til next time

TNTL - Trying not to laugh

TNTLLAM - Try not to look like a monkey

TNX 1.0E6 - Thanks a million

TNX - Thanks!

TNXE6 - Thanks a million (E6 means million)

TOBAL - There oughta be a law

TOBG - This oughta be good

TOC - Table of contents

TOD - Time of day

TOH - The other half

TOH - To other half

TOH - Typing one-handed

TOJ - Tears of joy

TOM - Tomorrow

TOO - The other ones

TOPCA - 'Til our paths cross again (early Celtic chat term)

TOS - Terms of service

TOT - Tons of time

TOTC - Too old to care

TOY - Thinking of you

TP - Team player

TPAE - The possibilities are endless

TPC - The phone company

TPM - Tomorrow p.m.

TPS - That's pretty stupid

TPS(S) - This program sucks (severely)

TPTB - The powers that be (people that are running the chat room or server)

TQ - Thank you

TQM - Total quality management

TRATEOTU - The restaurant at the end of the universe

TRCMH - That really chaps my hide!

TRDMC - Tears running down my cheeks

TRDMF - Tears running down my face

TRDMTL - Tears running down my trouser legs

TRULUV - True love

TS - Clear to send

TS - Top secret

TS - Totally stinks

TS - Tough stuff

TS/SI - Top secret/sensitive information

TSA - Target service agent

TSDMC - Tears streaming down my cheeks

TSIA - This says it all

TSOHF - Total sense of humor failure

TSR - Totally stupid rules

TSWC - Tell someone who cares

TT - Ta ta

TT - Take that

TT - Two Towers, the (Tolkien)

TT - Typewriter text

TT2T - To tired to talk

TT4N - Ta-ta for now

TTBE - That's to be expected

TTBOMK - To the best of my knowledge

TTBOTW - Throw the 'bot out the window

TTC - Trying to conceive

TTCN - Tree and tabular combined notation

TTFN - Ta ta for now

TTG - Time to go

TTKSF - Trying to keep a straight face

TTL - Through the lens

TTL4N - That's the lot for now

TTM - To the moderator

TTMNR - Take the money & run

TTMNR - Take the money and run

TTN - There there now

TTS - Text to speech

TTS - Tiny teat syndrome

TTS - Tiny tit syndrome

TTSP - This too shall pass

TTT - That's the ticket

TTT - That's the truth

TTT - Thought that, too (when someone types in what you were about to type)

TTT - To the top

TTTT - These things take time

TTTT - To tell the truth

TTUL, TTUL8R - Talk/type to you later

TTUT - Talk to you tomorrow

TTUTT - To tell you the truth

TTWIG - That's the way it goes

TTY - Talk to you

TTYAWFN - Talk to you a while from now

TTYIAM - Talk to you in a minute

TTYL - Talk/type to you later

TTYL8R - Talk to you later

TTYLMF - Talk to you later my friend

TTYRS - Talk to you real soon?

TTYS - Talk to you soon

TTYT - Talk to you tomorrow

TTYTT - To tell you the truth

TU - Thank you

TUC - The ultimate chatlist!

TUFD - The user file died

TUL - Tell you later

TUVM - Thank you very much

TVI - Tribal voice

TVM - Thanks very much

TVN - Thank you very much

TW - Team work

TWF - That was fun

TWHAB - This won't hurt a bit

TWIAVBP - The world is a very big place

TWIMC - To whom it may concern

TWIS - That's what I said

TWIU - That's what I understand

TWIWI - That was interesting, wasn't it

TWMA - Till we meet again

TWT - Time will tell

TWYAS - That's what you all say

TWYT - That's what you think

TX - Thanx

TX, TXS - Thanks

TXT BAC - Text back

TXT - Text

TXTIN - Texting

TY - Thank you

TYCLO - Turn your CAPS LOCK off (stop shouting)

TYL - Talk to (you) later

TYLE - Took you long enough

TYM - Time

TYMBI - Thought you might be interested

TYP - Type

TYT - Take your time

TYVL - Thank you very little

TYVL, YWEL - Thank you very little, you're welcome even less

TYVM - Thank you very much

U - You

U/L - UpLoad

U+ME=LUV - You + me equals love

U2 - You too

U4E - Yours forever

UAPITB - You're a pain in the butt

UBB - Urgent brownie break

UBD - User brain damage

UC? - Do you see/understand?

UDS - Ugly domestic scene

UGTBK - You've got to be kidding

UI! - You idiot!

UIZAH - You is a hoe

UKTR - You know that's right

UL - Upload

U-L - You will

UL, u/l - Upload

UN4GTEBL - Unforgettable

UNA - Use no acronyms

unPC - Unpolitically correct

UNT - Until next time

UOK, U-OK? - Are you ok/okay?

UOME - You owe me

UOME1 - You owe me 1

UOTG - Ugly one-toothed grin

UP4IT - Up for it

UPG - Upgrade

UPGS - Unfinished project guilt syndrome

UPOD - Under promise over deliver

U-R W-S - You are wise

UR - Your

UR, U-R - You are

UR4Me - You are for me

URA* - You are a star

URAQT! - You are a cutie!

URD1 - You are the one

URHSTRY - You are history!

URLCM - You are welcome

URT1 - You are the one

URW - You are welcome

URWS - You are wise

URYY4M - You are too wise for me

URZWKSTLNKGDBY - You're the weakest link - goodbye

US - Ultra sound

US - You suck

USA - Until sides ache

USP - Unique selling point

USU - Usually

UTB - Urgent toilet break

UTC - Under the counter

UTT - Under the table

UV - Unpleasant visual

UVBNSMUCHD - You've been smooched

UW - You're welcome

UWOT - You what!

UY - Up yours

UYKD - Unless you know differently