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Email acronyms & abbreviations - S

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S - Smile

S - Smiling

S/O - Sold out

S/O, s/o - Someone

S/TH, s/th - Something

S/U - Shut up

S/W - Software

S^ S'up - What's up

S2BX - Soon to be ex

S2R - Send to receive

S4L - Spam for life (when you become someone's customer or client)

SA - Say

SA - Selective availability

SAF - Single Asian female

SAHD - Stay at home dad

SAHM - Stay at home mom

SAL - Such a laugh

SAM - Single Asian male

SAMAGAL - Stop annoying me and get a life

SAMFU - Self-adjusting military foul up

SAMFUTU - Situation abnormal, more fouled up than usual

SAPFU - Surpassing all previous foul ups

SASS - Short attention span society/syndrome

SAYOR - Speak at your own risk

SB - Smiles back

SBB - Stupid beyond belief

SBCN - Sitting behind the computer, naked

SBD - Silent but deadly

SBF - Single black female

SBM - Single black male

SBR - Smart butt remark

SBT - Strange but true

SBTA - Sorry, being thick again

SBUG - Small bald unaudacious goal

SC - Stay cool

SCDD - Same crap different day

SCDD - Same crap different depth

SCNR - Sorry, could not resist

SD - Stepdaughter

SDIHTT - Someday I'll have the time

SE2E - Smiling ear to ear

SEC - Second, wait a second

SEC - Wait a second

SEC - Wait just a second

SED - Said enough darling

SEG - Seductively evil grin

SEL - Select

SEP - Somebody else's problem

SEP - Someone else's problem

SETE - Smiling ear to ear

SEU - Single event upset

SEW - Sleep well, eat well

SF - Science fiction

SF - Speculative fantasy

SF - Stepfather

SF - Surfer friendly

SFAIAA - So far as I am aware

SFETE - Smiling from ear to ear

SFLA - Stupid four letter acronym

SFT - Sorry for that

SFX - Sound effect(s)

SH - Same here

SH - So hot!

SH - Stuff happens

SHAM - Stay at home mom

SHCOON - Shoot hot coffee out of nose

SHDO - Stuff happens, drive on

SHICPMP - So happy I could pee my pants

SHID - Slaps head in disgust

SHLH - Sitting here lauging hysterically

SHLM - Shalom

SHMILY - See how much I love you

SHOPN - Shopping

SHTDI - Somebody has to do it

SHTS - Spit hitting the spam

SHTSI - Somebody had to say it

SIC - Spelling is correct

SICL - Sitting in chair laughing

SICNR - Sorry, I could not resist

SICS - Sitting in chair snickering

SIG - Signature

SIG - Special interest group

SIG2R - Sorry, I've got to run

SII - Seriously impaired imagination

SIIK - Stuffed if I know!

SIIN - Stuffed if I know!

SIL - Mother in law

SIL - Sister in law

SIL - Son in law

SIM - Simulator

SIT - Stay in touch

SITCOM - Single income, two children, oppressive mortgage

SITD - Still in the dark

SITM - Silent in the morning

SITWB - Sorry, in the wrong box

SIYNE - Smilies if you need em

SJF - Single Jewish female

SJM - Single Jewish male

SK8 - Skate

SK8ER, Sk8r - Skater

SKOTC - Soft kiss on the cheek

SLA - Service level agreement

SLAP - Sounds like a plan

SLATFATF - So long, and thanks for all the fish

SLAW - Sounds like a winner

SLIRK - Smart little rich kid

SLM - See last mail

SLMR - Silly little mail reader

SLT - Something like that

SM - Stepmother

SMAIM - Send me an instant message

SMB - Spank my butt

SME1 - Someone

SMEF - Serious massive existence failure

SMEM - Send me e-Mail

SMH - Shaking my head

SMHID - Scratching my head in disbelief

SMIM - Send me an instant message

SMMWO - Shut my mouth wide open

SMO - Serious mode on

SMO - Simple matter of

SMOFF - Serious mode off

SMON - Serious mode on

SMOP - Small matter of programming

SMS - Short message service

SMTG - Something

SMTOE - Sets my teeth on edge

SMTWGWLAF - Slapping my thighs while giggling wildly like a fool

SMTWTFS - Slapping my thighs while terribly foolishly snickering

SN - Screen name

SNAC - Sitting naked at computer

SNAFU - Situation normal, all fouled up

SNAFU - Situation normal, all frigged up

SNAG - Sensitive new age guy

SNAILMAIL - US postal mail service

SND - Sound

SNERT - Snotty nosed egotistical rotten teenager

SNFIAA - Still no friggin' idea at all

SNR - Signal to noise ratio

SO - Significant other (spouse, boy/girlfriend)

SOASF - So on and so forth

SOB - Son of a bitch

SOB - Son of a gun

SOB - Stressed out bigtime

SOC - Soap opera central

SOE - Stupid operator error

SOH - Sense of humor

SOH - Start of header

SOHB - Sense of humor bypass

SOHF - Sense of humor failure

SOHO - Small office, home office

SOI - Self owning idiot

SOI - State of insanity

SOI - Stink on ice

SOIAR - Sit on it and rotate

SOL - Shoot, out of luck

SOL - Simply out of luck

SOL - Smilling out loud

SOL - Sooner or later

SOM - Start of message

SOM1, SOME1 - Someone

SOMY - Sick of me yet?

SOP - Standard operating procedure

SORAS - Soap opera rapid aging syndrome

SorG - Straight or gay?

SOS - Help!

SOS - Same old stuff

SOS - Save our ship (need help, emergency)

SOS - Save our souls

SOS - Someone over shoulder

SOS - Someone special

SOS - Stuck on stupid

SOSO - Same old, same old

SOT - Short of time

SOT - Short on time

SOTA - State of the art (latest technology)

SOTD - Speaking of the devil

SOTMG - Short of time, must go

SOTMG - Short on time, must go

SOVS - Someone very special

SOW - Speaking of which

SOX - Sound exchange

SOZ - Sorry

SP - Sweetie pie

SP? - Spelling?

SPAM - Junk, unwanted e-mail

SPAM - SPiced hAM (Hormel's canned meat)

SPAM - Stupid persons advertisement

SPDD - Same poo, different day

SPF - Shortest path first

SPK 2U L8R - Speak to you later

SPK - Speak

SPST - Same place, same time

SQ - Squeezed (files)

SRO - Standing room only

SRP - Suggested retail price

SRY - Sorry

SS - Smiles

SS - So sorry

SS - Stepson

SSC - Super sexy cute

SSDD - Same stuff, different day

SSDD - Same stuff, different depth

SSEWBA - Someday soon, everything will be acronyms

SSI - Small scale integration

SSIA - Subject says it all

SSM - So, sue me

ST - Star Trek

ST - Such that

ST - Super tired

ST, s.t. - Such that

ST2MORO - Same time tomorrow

STATS - Age/gender/location check

STBID - Sometime before I die

STBX - Soon to be ex

STBY - Sucks to be you

STD - Seal the deal

STD - Standard

ST-DS9 - Star Trek, deep space 9

STFU - Shut the flip up

STFW - Search the fine web

STFW - Search the freaking web

STFW - Search the friggin' web

STI - Stick(ing) to it

STI, ST-TMP - Star Trek I the motion picture

STID - Still in the dark

STIFF - Stiff, said loudly

STII / ST-WOK - Star Trek II / wrath of khan

STIII / ST-SFS - Star Trek III / search for spock

STIV / ST-TVH - Star Trek IV / the voyage home

STO - Sticking out tongue

STR8 - Straight

STRA - Stray

STS - So to speak

STS - Sorry to say

ST-TFF - Star Trek V the final frontier

ST-TNG - Star Trek, the next generation

ST-TOS - Star Trek, the original series

ST-TUC - Star Trek VI the undiscovered country

ST-TVH - Star Trek IV the voyage home

STUL - Speak to you later

STV / ST-TFF - Star Trek V / the final frontier

STVI / ST-TUC - Star Trek VI / the undiscovered country

ST-VOY - Star Trek, voyager

STW - Search the web

ST-WOK - Star Trek II wrath of khan

STX - Start of text

STYS - Speak to you soon

SU - Shut up

SUAD - Shut up and deal

SUAKM - Shut up and kiss me

SUB - Sign up board

SUB - Substitute

SUB - Subtract

SUFID - Screwing up face in disgust

SUGARPIC - Suggestive or erotic picture of self

SUITM - See you in the morning

SUL - See you later

SUL - Snooz, you loose

SUM1 - Someone

SUNOILTY - Shut up, no one is listening to you

SUP - What's up?

SUPERCAL - Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious

SUS - See you soon

SUSFU - Situation unchanged, still fouled up

SUSFU - Situation unchanged, still frigged up

SUYF - Shut up you fool

SUYP - Shut up you pervert

SW - Says who?

SW - Says whom?

SW - Second wife

SW - Shareware

SW - So what?

SW - Star Wars

SWAG - Stupid/sceintific wild-bummed guess

SWAK - Sealed with a kiss

SWALK - Sealed with a loving kiss

SWALK - Sweet, with all love, kisses

SWATK - Sealed with a tender kiss

SWBG - Scientific wild butt guess

SWBG - Stupid wild butt guess

SWCOC - Special wishes, comments, or corrections

SWDYRTW - Since when do you rule the web?

SWDYT - So what do you think?

SWEG - Scientific wild eyed guess

SWF - Single white female

SWG - Scientific wild guess

SWHT - Sweet heart

SWHT - Sweetheart

SWIM - See what I mean?

SWL - Screaming with laughter

SWM - Single white male

SWMBO - She who must be obeyed (the wife)

SWOT - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

SW-SE - Star Wars special edition

SWT - Sweet

SWTDRMZ - Sweet dreams

SWYP - So what's your problem?

SY - Sincerely yours

SYITM - See you in the morning

SYL - See you later

SYLA - See you later alligator

SYOTB - See you on the board

SYS - See you soon

SYS - System

SYT - Sweet young thing

SYUTH - Smack you upside the head

SYWWTBY - See ya, wouldn't want to be ya