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Email acronyms & abbreviations - O & P

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O - Over (completion of communication)

O - Over (to you)

O:-) - Angel

O4U - Only for you

OAO - Over and out

OAS - On another subject

OAS - One-to-all scatter

OATUS - On a totally unrelated subject

OAURS - On an unrelated subject

OB - Obligatory

OB - Oh brother!

OB, OBAB - Oh baby!

OBE - Overcome by events

OBE - Overtaken by events

OBJ - Object

OBJOKE - Obligatory joke

OBO - Or best offer

OBTW - Oh, by the way

OC - Own character

OCD - Obsessive compulsive disorder

OD - Oh dear

OD - Over drive

OD - Overdose

ODTAA - One damn thing after another

OF - Old fart (someone who has been around for a while)

OF - On fire

OFIS - On floor with stitches

OFS - One finger salute

OH - Off hook

OHMIGOD - Oh my god

OI - Operator indisposed

OIC - Oh, I see

OICU812 - Oh, I see you ate one too

OJ - Obligatory joke

OJ - Only joking

OJT - On the job training

OK - All correct

OK - Okay, all correct

OK - Only kidding

OL - Old lady (significant other, wife, girlfriend)

OL - Out of luck

OLL - On-line love

OLL - Only laughing a little

OM - Object manager

OM - Oh my

OM - Old man (significant other, husband, boyfriend)

OM - Other man

OMB - On my back

OMDB - Over my dead body

OMG - Oh my God

OMG - Oh my goodness

OMG - Oh my gosh

OMIK - Open mouth, insert keyboard

OML - Oh my lord

OMT - One more time

ON4IT - On for it

ONAW - Oh no! another wedgie

ONID - Oh no, I didn't

ONNA - Oh no, not again!

ONNTA - Oh no, not this again

OO - Headlights on

OO - Over and out (end of communication)

OOAK - One of a kind

OOB - Out of band

OOC - Out of character

OOF - Out of facility

OOH - Out of here

OOI - Out of interest

OOL - Out of luck

OOMOOS - Out of mind, out of sight

OOO - Out of office

OOP - Out of print

OOSOOM - Out of sight, out of mind

OOT - Out of time

OOTB - Out of the blue

OOTB - Out of the box (brand new)

OOTC - Obligatory on topic comment

OOTD - One of these days

OOTO - Out of the office

OOTQ - Out of the question

OP - Operation

OP - Output

OPL - Obvious panty line

OPM - Other people's money

OPP - Other people's problems

OS - Operating system

OSIF - Oh shoot, I forgot!

OSIM - Oh shoot, it's monday

OST - On second thought

OSU - Officially sanctioned user

OSU - Oh, shut up

OT - Off topic

OT - Other topic

OT1H - On the one hand

OTA - Out the airlock

OTA - Over the air

OTB - Off to bed

OTB - On the ball

OTBE - Over taken by events

OTBE - Over taken by events (military)

OTBS - On the bright side

OTC - Over the counter

OTD - Out the door

OTE - Over the edge (beyond common sense or beyond good taste)

OTF - Off the floor

OTF - On the floor (laughing)

OTF - On the phone

OTFL - On the floor laughing

OTFM - Only the facts, ma'am

OTGH - On the gripping hand

OTH - Off the hook (something is really popular)

OTK - Over the knee

OTL - Out to lunch

OTMH - Off the top of my head

OTN - On the net

OTOA - One thing or another

OTOH - On the one hand

OTOH - On the other hand

OTOMH - Off the top of my head

OTOOH - On the other other hand

OTOT - On the other tentacle

OTP - On the phone

OTR - Off the rack (saying that something is outside the ordinary)

OTR - Old time radio

OTR - On the road

OTT - Over the top

OTTH - On the third hand

OTTOMH - Off the top of my head

OTTOMHAROOB - Off the top of my head and rolling out of bounds

OTW - Off the wall

OTW - Off to work

OTW - On the way (I've sent a file to you, it's 'On the way')

OTW - On the whole

OURS - Open users recommended solutions

OUSU - Oh, you shut up

OUTS - Output string

OV - Overflow

OVA - Over

OVR8D - Overrated

OW - Oh well

OW - Other woman

OWTTE - Or words to that effect

OX - Hug & kiss

OXOXO - Hugs & kisses

OXOXOXOXO - Hugs & kisses, more

OYO - On your own

OZ - Australia

OZZIE - Australian

P&C - Private and confidential

P/T - Part time

P2C2E - Process too complicated too explain

P2P - People to people

P2U4URAQTP - Peace to you for you are a cutie pie

P911 - My parents are in the room

P911 - Parent alert

P911 - Parent emergency

PABG - Pack a big gun

PABG - Packing a big gun

PAL - Parents are listening

PANS - Pretty awesome new stuff

PAW - Parents are watching

PB - Potty break

PB - Push button

PB&J - Peanut butter & jelly

PBB - Parent behind back

PBD - Programmer brain damage

PBE - Prompt by example

PBM - Play by mail (games)

PBNFL - Possible, but not friggin' likely

PC - Politically correct

PC - Private chat

PCB - Please call back

PCM - Please call me

PCMCIA - People can't master computer industry acronyms

PCME - Please call me

PCO - Please carry on

PCT - Politically correct thought

PCYLIHOONL - Please cross your legs, I have only one nail left

PD - Public domain

PDA - Personal display of affection

PDOA, PDA - Public display of affection

PDOMB - Pulled directly out of my butt

PDQ - Pretty damn quick

PDS - Please don't shoot

PDS - Please don't shout (all capital letters is rude)

PDSTM - Please don't shout the message

PEBCAK - Problem exists between chair and keyboard

PEBKAC - Problem exists between keyboard and chair

peeps - People

PEKUSH - Press every key until something happens

PEST - Please excuse slow typing

PF&HOMW - Printed, framed and hanging on my wall

PFM - Pure friggin' magic

PFY - Pimply faced youth

PG - Parental guidence

PG - Pregnant

PG - Prophecy girl

PGA - Patches gratefully accepted

PHAT - Pretty hot and tempting

PHB - Pointy haired boss (Dilbert)

PhD - Piled higher and deeper

PHD - Push here dummy (type of camera)

PI - Politically incorrect

PIBKAC - Problem is between keyboard and chair

PIC - Politically incorrect

PICNIC - Problem in chair, not in computer

PIF - Paid in full

PIMP - Peeing in my pants

PIMPL - Peeing in my pants laughing

PIN - Person in need

PIR - Parent in room

PITA - Pain in the acronym

PITA - Pain in the anatomy

PITA - Pain in the backside

PITA - Pain in the behind

PITB - Pain in the butt

PITBY - Put it in their back yard

PITMEMBOAM - Peace in the middle east my brother of another mother

PITN - Pain in the neck

PIU - Pimp it up

PJW - Please just wait

PK - Pack

PKB - Pot (calling the) kettle black

PKOC - Passionate kiss on the cheek

PKOL - Passionate kiss on the lips

PL - Plus

PL&ED, PL& - Planned

PLBKAC - Problem lies between keyboard and chair

PLMK - Please let me know

PLMKO - Please let me know, ok?

PLOKTA - Press lots of keys to abort

PLONK - Please leave our newsgroup, killfiled!

PLS, PLZ - Please

PLS4GIVME - Please forgive me

PLSE - Please elaborate

PLZ 4GV mE - Please forgive me

PM - Private message

PMBI - Pardon my butting in

PMETC - Pardon me etc

PMF - Pardon my french ([email protected]#$%^)

PMFBI - Pardon me for butting in

PMFI - Pardon me for interrupting

PMFI - Problem magically fixed itself

PMFJI - Pardon me for jumping in

PMFJIB - Pardon me for jumping in but

PMFJIH - Pardon me for jumping in here

PMI - Pardon my ignorance

PMIGBOM - Put mind in gear, before opening mouth

PMJFIH - Pardon me for jumping in here

PMJI - Pardon me, jumping in (when you interrupt a conversation)

PML - Page me later

PML - Pee myself laughing

PMP - Peed my pants

PMP - Peeing my pants

PMYMHMMFSWGAD - Pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn

PNATMBC - Pay no attention to man behind the curtain

PNCAH - Please, no cursing allowed here

PND - Possibly not definitely

PO - Pee off

PO$BL - Possible

POA - Plan of action

POAHF - Put on a happy face

POAK - Passed out at keyboard

POC - Point of contact

POC - Prisoner of chat

POI - Point of interest

POL - Plain outta luck

POM - Phase of the moon

POME - Prisoner of mother England

PONA - Person of no account

POOF - Good-bye

POOF - Has left the chat room.

POOF - I have left the chat

POOF - Leaving the room - goodbye

PORNADO - Large amount of pornographic content

POS - Parent(s) over shoulder

POS - Point of sale

POSSLQ - Person of opposite sex sharing living quarters

POST - Power on self test

POTB - Pats on the back

POTC - Peck on the cheek

POTS - Parents over the shoulder (parents are watching, I can't really talk)

POTS - Plain old telephone service

POV - Point of view

PP - People

PPAST - Please provide a simple testcase

PPIOSPE - Please post instead of sending private email

PPL - People

PPP - Petty pet peeve

PPU - Place of primary use

PRL - Parents are listening

PROC - Procedure

PROG - Program

PROLLY - Probably

PRT - Party

PSA - Public show of affection

PSB - Pretty stupid boy

PSG - Pretty stupid girl

PSY - Please stop yelling

PT - Physical training

PTB - Please text back

PTB - Powers that be

PTL - Praise the Lord

PTLAPTA - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

PTM - Please tell me

PTMM - Please, tell me more

PTMY - Pleased to meet you

PTMYA - Pleased to make your acquaintance

PTO - Please turn over

PTP - Pardon the pun

PTSS - Post traumatic stress syndrome

PTT - Push to talk

PTUM - Please tell us more

PU - That stinks! (something smells)

PUASU - Put up and shut up

PUKS - Pick up kids

PUNTS - People of utterly no tactical significance (military term)

PV - Postitive vibes

PW - Password

PW - Pathetic wanker

PW - Powwow

PWP - Plot, what plot?

PWR - Power

PWYP - Practice what you preach

PXT - Please explain that

PYS - Pack your stuff

P-ZA - Pizza