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Email acronyms & abbreviations - M & N

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M or F, M/F - Male or female?

M - Male

M$ULKECRZ - Miss you like crazy!

M2CW - My two cents worth

M4C - Meet for coffee

M8(s) - Mate(s)

MA - Mature audience

MaB - Maybe

MAX - Maximum

MAY - Mad about you

MAYA - Most advanced yet accessible

MAYB - Mad about you, baby

MB, MAB - Maybe

MBN - Must be nice

MBO - Laughing my butt off

MBR$D, MBRSD - Embarrassed

MBUC - Mind bogglingly unlikely coincidence

MBWA - Management by wandering around

MBX - Mailbox

MC - Merry christmas

MCIBTU - My computer is better than yours

MD - More dirt (physician)

MD - Physician

MDY - Month day year

Me 2 - Me too

MEB - Memory expansion board

MED - Minimum expected delay

MEGO - My eyes glaze over

MEM - Memory

MFG - More friendly garbage!

MFI - Mad for it

MFMF - My friend, my friend

MGB - May god bless

MGD - My gameboy died

MGMT - Management

MGR - Manager

MH - Mostly harmless

MHBFY - My heart bleeds for you

MHDC(A) - My hard drive crashed (again)

MHIFOE - My hovercraft is full of eels

MHM - Members helping members

MHO - My humble opinion

MHOTY - My hat's off to you

MIA - Missing in action

MIB - Mint in box (mint condition)

MIC - Made in China

MIF - Milk in first (for tea drinking)

MIHAP - May I have your attention please

MIJ - Made in Japan

MIL - Mother in law

MILG - Make it look good

MIN - Minimum

MIN - Minute

MISC - Miscellaneous

MITIN - More info than I needed

MIX - Member information exchange

MKA - Mundanely known as

MKOG - My kind of girl

MKOP - My kind of place

MKOW - My kind of woman

ML - More later

MLA - Multiple letter acronym

MLAS - My lips are sealed

MM - Market maker

MM - Merry meeting you (greetings)

MM - Minutes

MM - Month

MMA - Meet me at

MMB - Message me back

MMF - Make money fast

MMFU - My mate fancies you

MMGAMOIO - My minds got a mind of its own

MMHA - My most humble apologies

MMHA2U - My most humble apologies to you

MMIF - My mouth is full

MMYT - Mail me your thoughts

MNC - Mother nature calls

MO - Moment

MOATYO - Mind of a ten year old

MOB - Mobile

MOF - Matter of fact

MOM - Moment

MOMN - Milk out my nose

MOMPL - One moment please

MOOS, MOS - Member of the opposite sex

MOP - Moment please

MOR - Middle of the road

MOR - Morning

MorF - Male or female?

MOSS - Member of the same sex

MOTAS - Member of the appropriate sex

MOTD - Message of the day

MOTM - Member of the month

MOTOS - Member of the opposite sex

MOTSS - Member of the same sex

MOV - Move

MPOY - My place or yours?

MRA - Moving right along

MRU - Most recently used

MS U LK CRZ - Miss you like crazy

MSB - Most significant bit

MSCEA - My southern comforts' empty again

MSD - Most significant digit

MSG - Message

MSMD - Monkey see monkey do

MSNUW - Mini-skirt no underwear

MSO - My sweet one

MSS - Member of the same sex

MSULKECRZ - Miss you like crazy

MT - My time

MTC - More to come

MTCW - My two cents worth

MTE - My thoughts exactly

MTF - More to follow

MTFBWU - May the force be with you (Star Wars)

MTG - Meeting

MTLA - My true love always

MU - Miss you

MUBAR - Messed up beyond all recognition

MUF - Material unaccounted for

MUG - Multiuser game

MUG - New user of a chat program

MUL - Multiply

MUM - Miss you much

MUNG - Mash until no good

MUSM - Miss you so much

MW - Midwife

MWA - A kiss

MWAIYR - More when, and if, you reply

MWBRL - More will be revealed later

MYM - Miss you much

MYOB - Mind your own business

N CASE - In case

N e 1 - Anyone

N - In

N(r) - Number returned

N/A - Not acceptable

N/A - Not affiliated

N/A - Not applicable

N/A - Not available

N/C - Not cool

N/M - Never mind

N/M - Nothing much

N/P - No problem

N/T - No text

N00b - Newbie

N1 - Nice one!

N2M - Not to mention

N2M - Not too much

N2MJCHBU - Not too much just chillin, how aBout yoU

NA - Not available

NAB - Not a blonde

NADM - Never a dull moment

NADT - Not a damn thing

NAGI - Not a good idea

NAHM - Not a happy man

NAHW - Not a happy woman

NAK - Nursing at keyboard

NAKA - Not acknowledge

NALOPKT - Not a lot of people know that

NAND - Not and

NAP - Not a problem

NAVY - Never again volunteer yourself

NAZ - Name, address, zip

NB - Nota bene (Latin) (note well)

NBD - No big deal

NBE - Not below or equal

NBFD - No big friggin' deal

NBI - Nothing but initials

NBIF - No basis in fact

NBIR - No basis in reality

NBL - Not bloody likely

NBTD - Nothing better to do

NBTYRSP - Now back to your regularly scheduled program(ming)

NBW - Never been worn

NC - No carry

NC - No comment

NC - No cover

NCASE - In case

NCATT - No comment at this time

NCG - New college graduate

NCTO - Now cut that out

ND - Need

NDEF - Not to be defined

NDM - No disrespect meant

NE - Any

N-E-1 ER - Anyone here?

N-E-1, NE1 - Anyone

NE14KFC - Anyone for KFC?

NE1H - Anyone home/here?

Ne2H - Need to have

NED - Need

NEG - Negate

NEG - Negative

NEHW - No enjoyment, hard work

NESEC - Any second


NETUA - Nobody ever tells us anything

NEWAY - Anyway

NEWBIE - Clueless new user (uses all caps!)

NFBSK - Not for British school kids

NFC - No friggin' clue

NFF - No fault found

NFG - No friggin' good

NFI - No friggin' idea

NFIAA - No friggin' idea at all

NFM - No futher message

NFP - No flames please

NFR - Not for resale

NFS - Not for sale

NFU - Not frequently used

NFW - No feasible way

NFW - No fine way

NFW - No friggin' way!

NG - New game

NG - Newsgroup

NG - No good

NGE - Not greater or equal

NH - Nice hand

NHOH - Never heard of him/her

NIAA - No idea at all

NICBDAT - Nothing is certain but death and taxes

NID - No I don't

NIDWTC - No I don't want to chat

NIDWTC - No I don't, want to chat

NIFOC - Naked in front of computer

NIFOK - Naked in front of the keyboard

NIH - Not invented here

NIITB - Nip it in the bud

NIM - No internal message

NIMBY - Not in my backyard

NIMFYE - Not in my front yard either

NIMJD - Not in my job description

NIMQ - Not in my queue

NIMTO - Not in my term of office

NIMY - Never in a million years

NINO - Nothing in, nothing out

NISM - Need I say more

NIT - Not in therapy

NITING - Anything

NITL - Not in this lifetime

NJTH - Not just thinking here

NKABOTFD - Never kill a boy on the first date

NL - New line

NL - Not likely

NLI - Not logged in

NLQ - Near letter quality

NLT - No later than

NM - Near mint

NM - No message

NM - Not much

NM - Nothing much

NM, N/M - Never mind

NM, N/M - Nothing much

NMFJ - Not my friggin' job

NMH - Not much here

NMHJC - Not much here, just chilling

NMI - No middle initial

NMIAOM - Not ment in an obscene manner

NMJ - Not my job

NMJC - Nothing much, just chillin'

NMP - Not my problem

NMTE - Now more than ever

NN - Night night

NN - Not now!

NNIHAH - Not now I have a headache

NNITO - Not necessarily in that order

NNTR - No need to reply

NO1 - No one

NOFI - No offence intended

NOM - No offense meant

NOMW - Not on my watch

NOOMP - No oxygen on my planet

NOOTO - Nothing out of the ordinary

NOP - No operation

NOPE - Not on planet earth

NORWICH - Knickers off ready when I come home

NOS - Knows

NOTE - Not of this earth

NOTTOMH - Not of the top of my mind

NOTTOMH - Not off the top of my head

NOYB - None of your beeswax

NOYB - None of your business

NOYFB - None of your friggin' business

NP, N/P, Np - No problem

NPC - Not politically correct

NPF - No problem found

NPLU - Not people like us

NPS - No problem sweet

NQA - No questions asked

NQOCD - Not quite our class, dear

NQOS - Not quite our sort

NQR - Not quite right

NR - Nice roll

NR - No reply necessary

NR - No reserve price on auction - highest bid wins

NR - Not received

NRFB - Never removed from box

NRG - Energy

NRM - Normal response mode

NRN - No reply necessary

NRN - No response necessary

NRN - No response needed

NRN - Not right now

NS - Nanosecond (one-billionth of a second)

NS - Non stop

NSA - No strings attached

NSD - Never say die

NSFW - Not safe for work

NSFW - Not suitable for work

N'SP - Nobody's perfect

NSTAAFL - No such thing as a free lunch

NSTLC - Needs some tender loving care

NT - Nice try

NT - No text (message is empty)

NT - No thanks

NT2NITE - Not tonight

NTA - Enter

NTA - Non-Technical Acronym

NTF - No trouble found

NTFL - No time for love

NTG - Not too good

NTH - No therapy helpful

NTIBOA - Not that I'm bitter or anything

NTIM - Not that it matters

NTIMM - Not that it matters much

NTIS - National technical information service

NTK - Nice to know

NTL - Never the less

NTL - None the less

NTP - Need to pee

NTTAWWT - Not that there's anything wrong with that

NTTRN - No time to reply now

NTW - Not to worry

NTYC - Not that you care

NTYMI - Now that you mention(ed) it

NU - New user(s)

NUB - New person to site or game

NUFF - Enough said

NUFN - Nothing

NVM - Nevermind

NVNG - Nothing ventured, nothing gained

NW - No way!

NWCDP - Nothing we could do partner

NWO - No way out

NWR - Not work related

NXT - Next

NYC - Not your concern

NYCFS - New York city finger salute

NYCTMI - Now you come to mention it

NYE - New year's eve

NYM - Anonymous

NYM - New York minute

NYP - Not your problem

NYT - Not you too?