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Email acronyms & abbreviations - J, K & L

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J/C - Just checking

J/J - Just joking

J/K - Joking

J/K - Just kidding!

J/P - Just playing

J/W - Just wondering

J2LYK - Just to let you know

J4F - Just for fun

J4G - Just for grins

J5M - Just five minutes

JA - Jump if above

JAC - Just a sec

JAD - Just another day

JADB - Just another drive by

JAE - Jump if above or equal

JAFO - Just another friggin' observer

JAFO - Just another friggin' onlooker

JAFU - Just another foul up

JAM - Just a minute

JAM - Just a moment

JAMIE - Jugs are massive in England

JAO - Just another observer

JAS - Just a sec(ond)

JASM - Just a simple-minded

JAT - Just a thought

JB - Juke box

JC - Just chilling

JC - Just curious

JDI - Just do it

JFF - Just for fun

JFI - Just for information

JFK - Just for kicks

JFTR - Just for the record

JFYI - Just for your information

JIC - Just in case

JIT - Just in time

JJ - Just joking

JJA - Just joking around

JJWY - Just joking with you

JK - Joke

JK, J/K - Just kidding

JL - Jump if less

JLE - Jump if less than or equal to

JLH - Jennifer love hewitt

JM2C - Just my 2 cents

JM2CW - Just my 2 cents worth

JMHFOOC - Just my humble friggin' opinion of course

JMHO - Just my humble opinion

JMO - Just my opinion

JMOOC - Just my opinion of course

JMP - Jump

JMTCW - Just my two cents worth

JOOC - Just out of curiosity

JOOTT - Just one of those things

JOTL - Joy of the Lord

JP - Just playing

JPF - Just plain fun

JPW - Just plain weird

JPYL - Just pulling your leg

JS - Jump if sign

JSNM - Just stark naked magic

JSTCLLME - Just call me

JSU - Just shut up

JT - Just teasing

JTLUK - Just to let you know

JTUMLTK - Just thought you might like to know

JTYWTK - Just thought you wanted to know

JUADLAM - Jumping up and down like a monkey

JUZ - Just

JVNP - Just venting, nothing personal

JW - Just wondering

JYYC - Just yanking your chain

K - Kiss

K - Ok, okay

K8 - Kate

KB - Keyboard

KB - Kiss back

KC - Keep cool

KCBIWIYWI - Keep coming back, it works if you work it

KEAH - Kill everyone after hours

KEWL - Cool

KFY - Kiss for you

KHUF - Know how you feel

KIA - Killed in action

KIA - Know it all

KIBO - Knowledge in, bulldust out

KIR - Keep it real

KIR - Keepin' it real

KIS(S) - Keep it simple (stupid)

KISS - Keep it short & simple! (polite var)

KISS - Keep it simple sister!

KISS - Keep it simple, stupid!

KISS - Keep it simple, sweetie!

KISS - Keeping it sweetly simple!

KIT - Keep in touch

KITB - Kick in the butt (type of therapy)

KK - Kiss kiss

KK - Okay, okay

KMB - Kiss my butt

KMIB - Kiss my Italian butt

KMP - Keep me posted

KMQ - Kiss me quick

KMRIB - Kiss my royal Irish butt

KMSMB - Kiss my shiny metal butt

KMWIH - Kick me where it hurts

KMYF - Kiss me you fool

KOC - Kiss on cheek

KOK - Knock

KOL - Kiss on lips

KOL - Kiss on the lips

KOS - Kids over shoulder

KOT - Keep on truckin'

KOTC - Kiss on the cheek

KOTFH - Kiss on the forehead

KOTH - Kiss on the hand

KOTL - Kiss on the lips

KOTLO - Keep on the look out

KOTM - Kook of the month

KOTW - Keep on the watch

KPC - Keeping parents clueless

KTCOOTN - Keep this crap out of this newsgroup

KTF - Keep the faith

KTLF - Keep the Lord first

KUTGW - Keep up the good work

KWIM? - Know what I mean?

KYEP - Keep your eyes peeled

KYFC - Keep your fingers crossed

KYHOOTW - Keep your head out of the water

KYHOOYB - Keep your head out of your butt

KYHTY - Keep your hands to yourself

KYHU - Keep your head up

KYPO - Keep your pants on!

KYSO - Keep your shirt on

L - Laugh

L - Laughing

L&N - Landing

L2P - Learn to play

L2R - Learn to read

L8 - Late

L84skool - Late for school

L8a - Late

L8ER - Later

L8R g8R - Later gator

L8R - Later

L8TER - Later

L8TR - Later

LAB - Life's a beach

LAB - Life's a bitch

LAB&TYD - Life's a beach & then you die

LABATYD - Life's a bitch and then you die

LAFF - Laugh

LAK - Love and kisses

LALL - Live & let live

LALOL - Lots and lots of laughs

LALOTA - Lots and lots of thunderous applause

LAM - Leave a message

LAMB - Look at my butt

LAMDILLIGAF - Look at me, do I look like I give a flip?

LART - Loser attitude readjustment tool

LAT - Laugh at that

LATES - Later

LATN - Laugh at the newbs

LATWTTB - Laughing all the way to the bank

LAU - Laugh at you

LB - Pound, pounds

LBAY - Laughing back at you

LBB - Little black box

LBIG - Laughing because I'm gay

LBQ - Lame butt quote

LBR - Librarian

LBR - Little boy's room

LBS - Pound, pounds

LBT - Listen before talk

LBUG - Laughing because you are gay

LBX - Local bus accelerator

LC! - Lower case! (turn off your caps lock)

LCH - Lunch

LD - Later, dude

LD - Long distance

LDR - Long distance relationship

LDTO - Let's ditch this one

LDTTWA - Let's do the time warp again

LE - Less or equal

LEMME - Let me

LERN - Learn

LFFBO - Laughing my friggin' butt off

LFLIATWP - Looking for love in all the wrong places

LFU - Least frequently used

LG - Lovely greetings

LGR - Little girl's room

LHM - Lord help me

LHO - Laughing head off

LHOS - Lets have online sex

LHU - Lord help us

LHU - Lord help you

LI - Laughing inside

LIFO - Last in, first out

LILO - Last in, last out

LIS - Laughing in silence

LIS - Lost in space

LIW - Long instruction word

LJBF - Let's just be friends

LKIT - Like it

LKITR - Little kid in the room

LLAP - Live long & prosper

LLTA - Lots and lots of thunderous applause

LMA - Leave me alone

LMB - Left mouse button

LMBBO - Laughing my butt back on

LMBO - Laughing my butt off

LMBOROTF - Laughing my butt off rolling on the floor

LMC - Let me check

LMC - Lost my connection

LMCOA - Lost my connection once again

LMFBO - Laughing my fat butt off

LMFBO - Laughing my friggin' butt off

LMHO - Laughing my head off

LMIRL - Let's meet in real life

LMJA - Let me just add

LMK - Let me know

LMKOAP - Let me know of any problems

LMOOI - Leave me out of it

LMSO - Laughing my socks off

LMTAL - Let me take a look

LMTCB - Left message to call back

LMWIS - Lick me where I sweat

LNGTMNOC - Long time no see

LNK - Love and kisses

LO - Hello

LOA - List of acronyms/abbreviations

LOBNAH - Lights on but nobody's at home

LOD - Letter of destruction

LOD - Level of detail

LOFLOL - Lying on the floor laughing out loud

LOHICA - Look out, here it comes again (military term)

LOI - Lack of interest

LOL - Laughing out loud

LOL - Lots of laughs

LOL - Lots of love

LOL - Lots of luck

LOLA - Laughing out loud again

LOLAROTG - Laughing out loud and rolling on the ground

LOLBAY - Laughing out loud back at you

LOLOL - Laughing out loud on line

LOLRTPP - Laughing out loud, ready to pee pants

LOLV - Lot's of love

LOMBARD - Lots of money but a right dipstick

LOML - Light of my life

LOML - Love of my life

LOMLILY - Light of my life, I love you

LONH - Lights on, nobody home

LOOL - Laughing outragously out loud

LOPSOD - Long on promises, short on delivery

LORE - Line oriented editor

LOTBS - Look on the bright side

LOTFLOL - Laying on the floor laughing out loud

LOTI - Laughing on the inside

LotR - Lord of The Rings (Tolkien)

LOTWTIME - Laughing out loud with tears in my eyes

LOU - Laughing over you

LRF - Little rubber feet (the little pads on the bottom of equipment)

LSFIAB - Like shooting fish in a barrel

LSH - Low, soft and hard (not fertile)

LSHHTCMS - Laughed so hard had to change my shorts

LSHIAPM - Laughing so hard I almost peed myself

LSHICT - Laughing so hard I can't type

LSHIH - Laughing so hard it hurts

LSHIPMP - Laughing so hard I peed my pants

LSHISOTS - Laughing so hard, I spit on the screen

LSHMBA - Laughing so hard my belly aches

LSHMBB - Laughing so hard my belly is bouncing

LSHMBH - Laughing so hard my belly hurts

LSHMSH - Laughing so hard my side hurts

LSHTTARDML - Laughing so hard the tears are running down my leg

LSHTTARDML - Laughing so the tears are running down my leg

LSKOL - Long slow kiss on the lips

LSP - Less sensitive person

LST - List

LTA - Less than average

LTBF - Learn to be funny

LTD - Limited edition

LTHTT - Laughing too hard to type

LTIC - Laughing 'til I cry

LTIP - Laughing 'til I puke

LTLE - Little

LTM - Laughing to myself

LTMC - Long time no see

LTMS - Laugh(ing) to myself

LTMSH - Laughing 'til my sides hurt

LTNP - Long time no post

LTNS - Long time, no see

LTNT - Long time, no talk

LTNT - Long time, no type

LTR - Letter

LTR - Long term relationship

LTS - Laughing to (ones) self

LTSGT2GTHR - Let's get together

LUAC - Lighting up a cigarette

LUIS - Library user information service

LULAB - Love you like a brother

LULAS - Love you like a sister

LULU - Locally undesireable land use

LULU - Locally unwanted land use

LUMU - Love you, miss you

LUSER - Loser user

LUV, LV - Love

LUVU, LY - Love you

LUVYA, LY - Love ya

LUWAMH - Love you with all my heart

LW - Lazy write

LWR - Launch when ready

LY4E - Love ya forever

LY4E - Love you forever

LYB - Love ya babe

LYCYLBB - Love you, see you later, bye bye

LYK - Let you know

LYKYAMY - Love ya, kiss ya, already miss ya

LYL - Love you lots

LYLAB - Love you like a brother

LYLAS - Love you like a sister

LYLB - Love ya later bye

LYMI - Love ya, mean it

LYMY - Love you miss you

LYN - Lie in

LYN - Lying

LYVM - Love you very much

LYWAMH - Love you with all my heart

LZ - Loser!