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Email acronyms & abbreviations - G & H

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G - Grin

G - Guess

G&BIT - Grin & bear it

G/F, GF, gf - Girlfriend

G/W - Guess what

G1 - Good one

G2B - Going to bed

G2CU - Glad/good to see you

G2G - Got to go

G2G - Gotta go

G2GGS2D - Got to go get something to drink

G2GLYS - Got to go love ya so

G2GTAC - Got to go take a crap

G2GTAP - Got to go take a pee

G2J - Got to jet

G2R - Got to run

G2SY - Glad/good to see you

G9 - Genius

GA - General availability

GA - Go ahead

GA - Good afternoon

GAC - Get a clue

GAFIA - Get away from it all

GAFM - Get away from me

GAL - Get a life

GALGAL - Give a little, get a little

GALHER - Get a load of her

GALHIM - Get a load of him

GAP - Got a pic?

GAS - Got a second

GAS - Greetings and salutations

GB - Goodbye

GBG - Great big grin

GBH - Great big hug

GBH&K - Great big hug and kiss

GBH&K - Great big hugs & kisses

GBH&KB - Greak big hugs & kisses back

GBH&KB - Great big hugs and kisses back

GBR - Garbled beyond recovery

GBTM - Get back to me

GBTW - Get back to work

GBU - God bless you

GC - Garbage collect (tidy up)

GD&W - Grin, duck and wave

GDAH - Grinning, ducking and hiding

GDAR - Grinning, ducking and running (after snide remark)

GDARAFAP - Grinning, ducking and running as fast as possible

GDAREFAF - Grinning, ducking and running even further and faster!

GDARF - Grinning, ducking and running fast!

GDARVF - Grinning, ducking and running very fast!

GDARVVF - Grinning, ducking and running, very very fast!

GDARWVF - Grinning, ducking and running, walking very fast!

GDAW - Grinning, ducking and weaving

GDAWVF - Grinning, ducking and walking very fast!

GDAWVVF - Grinning, ducking, and walking very, very fast!

GDI - God damn independent

GDI - God damn it

GDR - Grinning, ducking and running

GDW - Grin, duck and weave

GE - Good evening

GFB - Go for broke

GFC - Going for coffee

GFETE - Grinning from ear to ear

GFI - Go for it

GFN - Gone for now

GFN - Good for nothing

GFR - Grim file reaper

GFT - Going for tea

GFTD - Gone for the day

GFU - General foul up

GFU - Good for you

GG - Good game

GG - Good game gaming

GG - Good going

GG - Gotta go

GGB - Gotta get beer

GGC - Goo goo cluster

GGFN - Got to go for now

GGG - Giggle

GGN - Gotta go now

GGOH - Gotta get out of here

GGP - Gotta go pee

GGS - Go get stuffed

GGU2 - Good game you two

GIAR - Give it a rest

GIAT - Give it a try

GIDK - Gee, I don't know

GIGO - Garbage in, garbage out

GIGO - Garbage in, gospel out (blindly accepting nearly anything)

GIMME - Give me

GIWIST - Gee, I wish I'd said that

GIYODS - Get it your own damn self

GIZZA - Give me a

GJ - Good job

GJIAVYCN - Go jump in a volcano, you cave newt

GJP - Good job partner

GKW - God knows what

GL - Get lost

GL - Good luck

GL/HF - Good luck, have fun

GLAGH - Good luck and good hunting

GLBT - Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender

GLG - Good looking girl

GLG - Goofy little grin

GLGH - Good luck and good hunting

GLLA - Great lovers love alike

GLYASDI - God loves you and so do I

GM - Good match

GM - Good morning

GM - Good move

GM - Got milk?

GMAB - Give me a break!

GMB - Getting more beer

GMBO - Giggling my butt off

GMC - Getting more coffee

GMESUMLOVIN - Give me some lovin'!

GMP - Getting more pop

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GMTA - Great minds think alike

GMTFT - Great minds think for themselves

GMV - Got my vote

GN - Good night

GNBLFY - Got nothing but love for you

GNR8 - Generate

GNR8N - Generation

GNRLE - Generally

GNSD - Good night sweet dreams

GNSTDLTBBB - Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite

GOI - Get over it

GOK - God only knows

GOL - Giggling out loud

GONNA - Going to

GOOML - Get out of my life

GORJUS - Gorgeous

GOS - Gay or straight

GOS - Grade of service

GOTFIA - Groaning on the floor in agony

GOWI - Get on with it

GOYHH - Get off your high horse

GP - Grandparent(s)

GP,F - Go puke, fast!

GPB - Gotta pee bad

GPF - Go puke, fast!

GPUAR - Go pee up a rope

GPWM - Good point well made

GR - Gotta run

GR - Grim reaper

GR8 - Great!

GRAD - Grinning, running and ducking

GRATZ - Congratulations

GRL - Girl

GRMBL - Grumble

GROVBAB - Groovy baby!

GRQ - Get rich quick

GRRL - Girl

GRRRR - Growling

GRT - Great

GRTG - Getting ready to go

GRUIT - Get real you impudent thing

GSHIWMP - Giggling so hard I wet my pants

GSOAS - Go sit on a snake

GSOH - Good salary, own home

GSOH - Good sense of humor

GT - Good try

GT2GO - Got to go

GTBOS - Glad to be of service

GTBT - Good times bad times

GTCU - Glad to see you

GTCU - Good to see you

GTG - Good to go

GTG - Got to go

GTGB - Got to go, bye

GTGN - Got to go now

GTGP - Got to go pee

GTGPP - Got to go pee pee

GTGTTBR - Got to go to the bathroom

GTH - Go to hades

GTH - Go to hell

GTHA - Go the hell away

GTK - Good to know

GTM - Giggle to myself

GTOTB - Got to go to bed

GTP - Gone to pee

GTP - Got to pee

GTR - Got to run

GTRM - Going to read mail (leaving chat room to check email)

GTSU - Glad to see you

GTSY - Great to see you

GTTU - Good talking to you

GUD - Good

GUDLUK - Good luck

GW - Good witch

GWATCDR - God willing and the creek don't rise

GWOS - Goes without saying

GWS - Get well soon

GYFFR - Get your friggin' facts right

GYFR - Get your facts right (please)

GYPO - Get your pants off

H - Hug

H&K - Hugs and kisses

H/O - Hold on

H/P - Hold please

H/W - Hardware

H2 - How to

H2CUS - Hope to see you soon

H2O - He's too old

H4U - Hot for you

H8 - Hate (H1 - H9 indicating levels of hate)

HAB - Hot Asian babe

HABO - Have a better one

HABU - Have a better 'un

HACK - Person who breaks into software, or disrupts a chat room

HAG1 - Have a good one

HAGD - Have a good day

HAGD - Have a great day

HAGN - Had a good night

HAGN - Have a good night

HAGO - Have a good one

HAGS - Have a good summer

HAHA - Having a heart attack

HAK - Hugs and kisses

HAMRD - Hammered

HAND - Have a nice day

HATM - Howling at the moon

HAWTLW - Hello and welcome to last week

HAWU - Hello all, what's up?

HAY - How are you?

HB - Honey bear

HB - Hug back

HB - Hurry back

HBASTD - Hitting bottom and starting to dig

HBIB - Hot but inappropriate boy

HBTU - Happy birthday to you

HCB - Holy cow, Batman!

HCIERY - How can I ever repay you

HCIT - How cool is that

HD - Hold

HDEPIYLUV? - How deep is your love?

HDR - Header

HDYKT - How did you know that

HDYWTDT - How do you work this darn thing

HERC - Hercules

HF - Have faith

HF - Have fun

HF - Hello, friend

HGAC - Hasn't/haven't got a clue

HH - Ha ha

HH - Happy hacking

HH - Holding hands

HH - Hour

HHB - Hello honey bunny

HHIS - Hanging head in shame

HHIS - Hangs head in shame

HHJK - Ha ha, just kidding

HHO1/2K - Ha ha, only half kidding

HHOBS - Ha ha, only being serious

HHOJ - Ha ha, only joking

HHOJ/K - Ha ha, only joking/kidding

HHOK - Ha ha, only kidding

HHOS - Ha ha, only serious

HHOS - Ha ha, only seriously

HHTYAY - Happy holidays to you and yours

HIB_ - Have I been _?

HICA - Here it comes again

HIFOTFAIR - Help! I've fallen on the floor and I'm rolling!

HIG - How's it going?

HIH - Hope it helps

HILIACACLO - Help I lapsed into a coma and can't log off

HIOOC - Help! I'm out of coffee

HIRTA - Hereinafter referred to as

HISRT - Hold it, stop right there

HITAKS - Hang in there and keep smiling

HIWTH - Hate it when that happens

HLDMECLS - Hold me close

HLM - He loves me

HLO - Hello

HLOL - Hysterically laughing out loud

HLOLARAWCHAWP - Hysterically laughing out loud & rolling around while clapping hands & wetting pants

HLT - Halt

HLV - Hasta la vista

HLVB - Hasta la vista, baby

HMS - Hanging myself

HMS - Home made smiley

HMT - Here's my try

HMWK - Homework

HNG - Horny net geek

HNTI - How nice that/this is

HNTW - How nice that was

HNY - Happy new year

HOAS - Hold on a sec(ond)

HOHA - Hollywood hacker

HOHIL - Head over heels in love

HOMPR - Hang on, mobile phones' ringing

HOPR - Hang on phone's ringing

HOS - Husband over shoulder

HOT4U - Hot for you

HOTLUV - Hot love

HOTX3 - Hot, hot, hot

HOTYH - Hold on to your hats

HOUER - Hanging on your every word

HOV - High occupancy vehicle

HOYEW - Hanging on your every word

HP - Handphone

HP - Home page

HPY NU YR - Happy new year

HQ - High quality

HRT - Hormone replacement therapy

HRT2HRT - Heart to heart

HRU? - How are you?

HS - High speed

HSIK - How should I know?

HSP - Highly sensitive person

HSWM - Have sex with me

HT - Hi there

HT? - Heads or tails (you call it)

HT4U - Hot for you

HTB - Hang the bastards

HTB - Heavens to betsy

HTD - Have to disagree

HTH - Happy to help

HTH - Hope that helps!

HTH - Hope this helps!

HTHBE - Hope this has been enlightening

HTHSIK - How the heck should I know

HTL - Human in the loop

HTNOTH - Hit the nail on the head

HTP - Hold the phone

HTY - Hugs to you

HUA - Heads up, ace

HUB - Head up butt

HUD - How you doing?

HUF - Horny unattached female

HUGZ - Hugs

HUM - Horny unattached male

HUMR - Humor

HUYB - Head up your butt

HV - Have

HW - Hardware

HW - Homework

HWGA - Here we go again

HWMBO - He who must be obeyed

HWRU - How are you

HWS - He who suffers

HWS(PEST) - Husband wants sex (please excuse slow typing)

HWUB - Head way up butt

HWY - Highway

HYH - Hold your horses

HYHU - Hold your head up

HYLMS - Hate you like my sister