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Email acronyms & abbreviations - F

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F - Female

F/F - Face to face

F/T - Full time

F? - Friends?

F2F - Face to face (in person)

F2F - Flesh to flesh

F2T - Free to talk

F8 - Fate

FAAK - Falling asleep at keyboard

FAB - Features, advantages, benefits

FAI - Frequently argued issue

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQL - Frequently asked questions list

FAWC - For anyone who cares

FAWOMFT - Frequently argued waste of my foolish time

FAWOMPT - Frequently argued waste of my precious time

FAX - Facsimile

FB - Feedback

FB - Files busy

FB - Funny business

FBC - Find by content

FBKS - Failure between keyboard and seat

FBOW - For better or worse

FBTW - Fine, be that way

FBTW - From bad to worse

FC - Fingers crossed

FCFS - First come, first served

FCOL - For crying out loud!

FD - Floppy drive

FDROTFL - Falling down rolling on the floor laughing

FE - Fatal error

FE - Front end

FEAR - Forget everything and run

FEFO - First ended, first out

FEFY - Fast enough for you

FF - Fast forward

FF - Friends forever

FF&PN - Fresh fields and pastures new

FFA - Free for all

FFS - For foobars sake

FGAI - Forget about it

FGDAI - Fuhgedaboudit

FGT - Feeling great today

FHOF - Freeware hall of fame

FICCL - Frankly, I couldn't care less

FIFO - First in, first out

FIIOH - Forget it, I'm outta here

FIL - Father in law

FILO - First in, last out

FILTH - Failed in London, try Hong Kong

FIM - Foot in mouth

FIMD - Foot in mouth disease (open mouth, insert foot)

FINDSTR - Find strings

FIOFY - Figure it out for yourself

FISH - First in, still here (someone who is on line TOO much)

FITB - Fill in the blank(s)

FKA - Formerly known as

FLD - Field

FLK - Funny looking kid

FLW - Famous last words

FM - Fine magic

FM - From memory

FMI - For more information

FMTEYEWTK - Far more than everything you've ever wanted to know

FMTYEWTK - Far more than you ever wanted to know

FMU - From my understanding

FNB - Football & beer

FNI - Friggin' not involved

FO - Far out!

FOAD - Fall over & die

FOAD - Foobar off and Die

FOAF - Friend of a friend

FOAFOAG - Father of a friend of a girlfriend

FOAG - Father of a girlfriend

FOB - Fresh off the boat

FOBL - Fell outta' bed laughing

FOC - Free of charge

FOCL - Falling of chair laughing

FOCLMBO - Fell off chair laughing my butt off

FOD - Finger of death

FOF - Friend of a friend

FOFL - Falling on (the) floor laughing

FOMBL - Falling on my butt laughing

FOMC - Fell off my chair

FOMCL - Falling off my chair laughing

FOMCL - Fell out of my chair laughing

FONE - Phone

FOOBAR - Same as fubar

FOOMCL - Fell out of my chair laughing

FOR - For obvious reasons

FORD - Fixed or repaired daily

FORD - Found on road dead

FOS - Freedom of speech

FOS - Full of stuff

FOT - Full of tripe

FOTCL - Falling of the chair laughing

FOTCL - Falling off chair laughing

FOTCL - Falling off the chair laughing

FOTF - Falling on the floor

FOTFLOL - Falling on the floor, laughing out loud

FOTM - Fire on the mountain

FotR - Fellowship of The Rings (Tolkien)

FOZ - From Autralia (aka OZ)

FRE - Frequently requested enhancement

FRED - Friggin' ridiculous electronic device

FRM - From

FRND - Friend

FRT - For real though

FRZ - Fruitin' religious zealot

FS - For sale

FSB - Front side bus

FSD - Fools seldom differ

FSE - Full screen editor

FSR - For some reason

FST - Fast

FSTR - Faster

FT - For trade

FTAC - Fantasy

FTASB - Faster than a speeding bullet

FTBL - Football

FTBOMH - From the bottom of my heart

FTF - Face to face

FTL(T) - Faster than light (travel)

FTLOG - For the love of God

FTM - For that matter

FTR - For the record

FTS - Fixin' to start

FTTB - For the time being

FTTC - Fiber to the curb

FTTN - Fiber to the neighborhood

FTTT - From time to time

FTW - For the win

FU - Fouled up

FUA - Frequently used acronyms

FUBAB - Fouled up beyond all belief

FUBAR - Fouled up beyond all recognition

FUBAR - Fouled up beyond all repair

FUBB - Fouled up beyond belief

FUCHA - Future

FUCS - Fast user context switching

FUCT - Failed under continues testing

FUD - Fear, uncertainty, disinformation

FUD - Fear, uncertainty, doubt

FUI - File update information

FUMTU - Fouled up more than usual

FUNC - Function

FUNE - Funny

FURTB - Full up ready to burst (hard drive)

FUS - Fast user switching

FVT - Full video translation

FW - Freeware

FWB - Friends with benefits

FWD - Forward

FWFN - Farewell for now

FWICS - From what I can see

FWIW - For what it's worth

FWY - Freeway

FX - Fingers crossed

FYA - For your action

FYA - For your amusement

FYA&E - For your amusement and edification

FYE - For your edification

FYE - For your entertainment

FYEO - For your eyes/ears only

FYI - Fix yourself it

FYI - For your information

FYKI - For your kind information

FYLTGE - From your lips to gods ears

FYM - For your misinformation

FYSBIGTBABN - Fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a bumpy night