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Email acronyms & abbreviations - D & E

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D&C - Duck and cover

D8 - Date

D8:) - Cool guy

DAF - Divorced Asian female

DAM - Divorced Asian male

DAMHIKT - Don't ask me how I know that

DAMIFINO - Damn if I know

DAP - Parents against dyslexia

DARFC - Ducking and running for cover

DBA - Doing business as

DBABAI - Don't be a bitch about it

DBEYR - Don't believe everything you read

DBF - Divorced black female

DBM - Divorced black male

DBN - Doing business, not

DCL - Declaration

DD - Darling daughter

DD - Due diligence

DDD - Direct distance dial

DDSOC - Different day, same old crap

DEC - Decrement

DEFRAG - Defragment

DEGT - Don't even go there (I don't want to talk about it)

DEL - Delete

DETI - Don't even think it

DETLA - Double extended three letter abbreviation

DEU - Dumb end user

DF - Dear friend

DF - Default

DFL - Dead friggin' last

DGA - Don't go anywhere

DGAR - Don't give a rats

DGT - Don't go there

DGTG - Don't go there girlfriend

DGYF - Damn girl you're fine

DH - Darling husband

DH - Deaf hubby

DH - Dear hubby

DH - Dear husband

DH - Dumb hubby

DHYB - Don't hold your breath

DIIK - Damned if I know

DIIN - Damned if I know

DIKU? - Do I know you?

DIL - Daughter in law

DILLIGAD - Do I look like I give a damn?

DINK - Double income, no kids

DINKY - Double income, no kids yet

DIRTFT - Do it right the first time

DIS - Did I say

DITR - Dancing in the rain

DITYID - Did I tell you I'm distressed?

DIV - Divide

DIY - Do it yourself

DJF - Divorced Jewish female

DJM - Divorced Jewish male

DK - Don't know

DKDC - Don't know, don't care

DKU - Drop kick ugly

DL - Dead link

DL, d/l - Download

DLG - Devilish little grin

DLTBBB - Don't let the bed bugs bite

DLTM - Don't lie to me

DMI - Don't mention it

DMMGH - Don't make me get hostile

DMY - Day month year

DMZ - Demilitarized zone

DN - Down

DNA - Did not answer

DNC - Does not compute

DND - Do not disturb

DNPM - Darn near peed myself

DNR - Dinner

DOA - Dead on arrival

DOB - Date of birth

DOE - Depends on experience

DOEI - Goodbye (Dutch)

DOM - Dirty old man

DOS - Denial of service

DOS - Dozing off soon

DOW - Day of week

DP - Domestic partner

DQMOT - Don't quote me on this

DQYDJ - Don't quit your day job

DRA - Don't recognize acronyms

DRIB - Don't read if busy

DRO - Destructive read-out

DRV - Drive

DS - Darling son

DS - Double sided

DSTR8 - Damn straight

DTA - Don't trust anybody

DTC - Darn this computer

DTC - Desktop conferencing

DTOKAB - Drop to one knee and blow

DTP - Desktop publishing

DTRT - Do the right thing

DTS - Don't think so

DTV - Desktop video

DTVC - Desktop video conferencing

DU - Don't understand

DUCT - Did you see that?

DUCWIC - Do you see what I see

DUI - Driving under the influence

DUK - Dead upon keyboard

DURS! - Damn you are sexy!

DUS! - Damn you sexy!

DUST - Did you see that

DW - Don't worry

DWAI - Don't worry about it

DWB - Don't write back

DWBH - Don't worry be happy

DWF - Divorced white female

DWG - Drawing

DWI - Driving while intoxicated

DWIM - Do what I mean

DWIMC - Do what I mean, correctly

DWIMNWIS - Do what I mean, not what I say

DWISNWID - Do what I say, not what I do

DWKOTL - Deep wet kiss on the lips

DWL - Dying with laughter

DWM - Divorced white male

DWS - Driving while stupid

DWWWI - Surfing the world wide web while intoxicated

DWYM - Does what you mean

DYE - Damn your eyes!

DYFM - Dude you fascinate me

DYHAB - Do you have a boyfriend

DYHAG - Do you have a girlfriend

DYHWIH - Do you hear what I hear

DYJHIW - Don't you just hate it when

DYK - Did you know

DYK - Do you know

DYSTSOTT - Did you see the size of that thing

DYSWIS - Do you see what I see

E - Ecstasy

E.G - For example

E123 - Easy as one, two, three

E2EG - Ear to ear grin

EAK - Eating at keyboard

EAP - Easy as pie

EBKAC - Error between keyboard and chair

ECAL - Enjoy computing and learn

ED - Emotionally disturbed

ED - Erase display

ED - Erectile dysfunction

EDD - Estimated due date

EDIEWIGBAB - Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better (Emile Coue)  (EDIEWIGBAB, Coueism)

EDP - Emotionally disturbed person

EG - Evil giggle

EG - Evil grin

EGC - Extrememly gruntled customer

EH? - What?

EIE - Enough is enough

EIF - Exercise in futility

EL - Erase line

EL - Evil laugh

ELOL - Evil laugh out loud

EM - Email

EM - Emphasized

EM? - Excuse me?

EMA - Email address

EMBI - Excuse my butting in

EMFBI - Excuse me for butting in

EMFH - Every man for himself

EMFJI - Excuse me for jumping in

EMI - Excuse my ignorance

EML - Email me later

EMRTW - Evil monkey's rule the world

EMS - Email shorthand

EMSG - Email message

EMTA - Evil minds think alike

EMYL - Email you later

ENQ - Enquiry

EOB - End of business

EOC - End of conversion

EOD - End of day

EOD - End of discussion

EOE - Equal opportunity employer/employment

EOF - End of file

EOI - End or identify

EOJ - End of job

E-OK - Electronically OK

EOL - End of lecture

EOL - End of life

EOL - End of line

EOL - End of list

EOLAWKI - End of life as we know it

EOM - End of message

EOR - End of rant

EOS - End of show

EOS - End of story

EOS - End of string

EOT - End of table

EOT - End of text

EOT - End of thread (end of discussion)

EOT - End of transmission

ERR - Error

ERU - Error, replace user

ES - Enough said

ESAD - Eat stuff & die

ESAL - Eat stuff & live

ESC - Escape

ESEMED - Every second every minute every day

ESO - Equipment smarter than operator

ESOSL - Endless snorts of stupid laughter

ESP - Especially

ETA - Estimated time of arrival

ETD - Estimated time of departure

ETE - Estimated time en route

ETX - End of text

EU - Execution unit

EVE - Evening

EVERY1 - Everyone

EVRY - Every

EWI - Emailing while intoxicated

EX - Example

EXP - Exponent

EXT - External

EXTRN - External reference

EYC - Excitable, yet calm

EZ, ez - Easy

EZY - Easy