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Email acronyms & abbreviations - C

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C - Cool

C - See

C&G - Chuckle and grin

C/O - In care of (for sending mail)

C/P - Cross post

C/P/S - City or country/profession/status (married/single)

C4N - Ciao for now

CAAC - Cool as a cucumber

CAD - Ctrl-alt-delete

CADET - Can't add, doesn't even try

CAL - Calendar

CAM - Common access method

CAN - Cancel

CAPS - Capitals (upper case letters)

CARE - Crap and really expensive

CAT - Concatenate

CB - Call back

CB - Chat brat

CB - Coffee break

CBB - Can't be bothered

CC - Carbon copy

CC - Courtesy copy

CD9 - Code 9 (parents are around)

CDIWY - Couldn't do it without you

CE - Creative editing

CFD - Call for discussion

CFM - Confirm

CFP - Call for proposal

CFS - Care for secret?

CFV - Call for votes

CFY - Calling for you

CHAR - Character

CHOWUR - See how you are

CHP - Chapter

CHR - Character

CHUR - See how you are

CIAO - Ciao (pronounced 'chow') hello or goodbye in Italian

CIBM - Could it be magic?

CICO - Coffee in, coffee out

CID - Consider it done

CID - Crying in disgrace

CIO - Check it out

CIO - Cut it out

CLAB - Crying like a baby

CLIB - C library

CLIST - Command list

CLK - Clock

CLM - Career limiting move

CLOAKA - Canonical list of all known acronyms

CLP - Cell loss priority

CLS - Clear screen

CM - Call me

CM - Centimeter

CM - Corrective maintenance

[email protected] - Catch me at the web

CMC - Common mail calls

CMF - Count my fingers

CMH - Cross my heart

CMIIW - Correct me if I'm wrong

CML - Current mode logic

CMON - Come on

CMU - Crack me up

CNP - Continued in next post (seen more on message boards than chat)

CO - Company

CO - Conference

CO - Convert out

COB - Close of business

COD - Cash on delivery

COLL, COL - Collision

COMP - Compare

COND - Condition

COS - Change of subject

COTFLGOHAHA - Crawling on the floor laughing guts out and having a heart attack

COTS - Commercial off-the-shelf (software)

CP - Chat post

CP - Copy protected/protection

C-P - Sleepy

CPF - Can pigs fly?

CRAFT - Can't remember a friggin' thing

CRAP - Cheap redundant assorted products

CRAT - Can't remember a thing

CRAWC - Can't remember anything worth crap

CRAYON - Create your own newspaper

CRB - Come right back

CRBT - Crying real big tears

CRN - Can't remember nothing

CRPG - Character (or computer) role playing game

CRUD - Create, retrieve, update, delete

CS - Chip select

CS - Clear to send

CS - Cop shop (police station)

CSG - Chuckle, snicker, grin

CSL - Can't stop laughing

C-T - City

CTA - Call to action

CTC - Care to chat

CTL - Complex text layout

CTRN - Can't talk right now

CTS - Changing the subject

CTS - Clear to send

CTS - Consider the source

CTTD - Cute things they do

CTTS - Cute things they say

CU L8R - See you later

CU - Cracking up

CU - See you

[email protected] - See you at

CU2 - See you, too

CU8R - Catch you later

CUA - Commonly used acronyms

CUA - See you around

CUATU - See you around the universe

CUC - Can't understand crap

CUCME - See you see me (video conference)

CUD - Could

CUL - Catch you later

CUL - See you later

CUL8ER - See you later

CUL8R - See you later

CULA - See you later, alligator

CUNS - See you in school

CUOL - See you on line

CUS - See you soon

CW2CU - Can't wait to see you

CWOT - Complete waste of time

CWYL - Chat with you later

CY - Calm yourself

CYA - See ya

CYAL8R - See ya later

CYAL8R - See you all later

CYB - Cover your butt

CYE - Check your e-mail

CYL - See you later

CYM - Check your mail

CYO - See you online

CYT - See you tomorrow