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Email acronyms & abbreviations - B

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B - Back

B - Be

B& - Banned

B-) - Wearing shades

B/C - Because

B/F - Background/foreground

[email protected] - Be at the pictures for (insert time)

B3 - Blah, blah, blah

B4 - Before

B4N - Bye for now

B4U - Before you

B4YKI - Before you know it

BAB - Benefits are better

BAC - Back at computer

BAC - By any chance

BAD - Broken as designed

BAF - Bring a friend

BAG - Busting a gut

BAK - Back at keyboard (I'm back)

BANANA - Built absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody

BAU - Business as usual

BB - Be back

BB4N - Bye-Bye for now

BBB - Boring beyond belief

BBB - Bye bye babe/baby

BBBG - Bye bye be good

BBFBBM - Body by Fisher, brains by Mattel

BBFN - Bye bye for now

BBIAB - Be back in a bit

BBIAF - Be back in a few (minutes)

BBIAS - Be back in a sec

BBIAW - Be back in a while

BBL - Be back later

BBLBNTSBO - Be back later but not to soon because of

BBN - Bye bye now

BBR - Burnt beyond repair

BBS - Be back soon

BBS - Big butt smile

BBS - Bulletin board system

BBSD - Be back soon darling

BBSOL - Be back sooner or later

BBT - Be back tomorrow

BBW - Big beautiful woman

BC - Basket case

BC - Be cool

BC, B/C - Because

BCBS - Big company, big school

BCC - Blind carbon copy

BCnU - Be seeing you

BCNU - I'll be seeing you

BCNUL8R - Be see'n you later

BCOZ - Because

BD - Baby dance

BD - Big deal

BD - Brain drain

BD - Bull dust

BDBI5M - Busy daydreaming back in 5 minutes

BDC - Big dot com

BDC - Big dumb company

BDEG - Big dust eating grin

BDN - Big damn number

Beer - Grog

BEG - Big evil grin

BF - Bitch features

BF, B/F, bf - Boyfriend

BFD - Big friggin' deal

BFF - Best friends forever

BFFTTE - Best friends forever til the end

BFG - Big friendly giant

BFG - Big friggin' grin

BFG - Big friggin' gun

BFH - Big friggin' hammer

BFI - Brute force and ignorance

BFI - Bunch of friggin' idiots

BFM - Big friggin' magic

BFMI - Brute force and massive ignorance

BFN - Bye for now

BFO - Blinding flash of the obvious

BFOG - Blouse full of goodies

BFS - Big friggin' screwdriver

BG - Big grin

BHAG - Big hairy audacious goal

BHG - Big hearted guy/girl

BHL8 - Be home late

BHOF - Bald headed old fart

BIBI - Bye bye

BIBO - Beer in, beer out

BIBOYS - Boss is back on your site

BIC - Best in class

BICBW - But I could be wrong

BID - Break it down

BiDi - Bi-directional

BIF - Basis in fact

BIF - Before I forget

BIH - Burn in hell

BIL - Boss is listening

BIL - Brother-in-law

BIN - Buy it now

BION - Believe it or not

BIOYE - Blow it out your ear

BIOYIOP - Blow it out your i/o port

BIOYN - Blow it out your nose

BISS - Because I say so

BIST - Built-in self-test

BITD - Back in the day

BITD - Beaten it to death

BITGOD - Back in the good old days

BITMT - But in the meantime

BK - Because

BKA - Better known as

BKAM - Between keyboard and monitor (problem is with the user)

BKS - Failure between keyboard and seat

BKSP - Backspace

BL - Belly laughing

BLBBLB - Back like bull, brain like bird

BLT - Bacon lettuce tomato

BM - Bite me

BM - Byte me

BMB - Bite my butt

BMGWL - Busting my gut with laughter

BMOC - Big man on campus

BMOF - Bite me old fart

BMT - Before my time

BMTIPG - Brilliant minds think in parallel gutters

BNDN - Been nowhere done nothing

BNF - Big name fan

BO - Body odor

BO - Bug off

BOB - Back off bastard

BOC - But of course

BOCTAAE - But of course there are always exceptions

BOF - Birds of a feather

BOFH - Bastard (system) operator from hell

BOGOF - Buy one get one free

BOHICA - Bend over, here it comes again!

BOL - Be on later

BOL - Best of luck

BOM - Bitch of mine

BOT - Back on topic

BOT - Robot

BOTE - Back of the envelope

BOTOH - But on the other hand

BOW - For better or worse

BP - Base pointer

BPLM - Big person little mind

BR - Bathroom

BR - Best regards

BRB - Be right back

BRBB - Be right back bitch

BRBCTA2S - Be right back, can't think of anything to say

BRBS - Be right back soon

BRH - Be right here

BRS - Big red switch

BRT - Be right there

BS - Backspace

BS - Big smile

BS - Brain strain

BSAAW - Big smile and a wink

BSBD&NE - Book smart, brain dead & no experience

BSF - Bit scan forward

BSF - But seriously, folks

BSG - Big smiling grin

BSG - Broad sweeping generalization

BSOD - Blue screen of death (PC crash)

BST - But seriously though

BSY - Busy

BT - Byte this

BTA - Before the attacks

BTA - But then again

BTAICBW - But then again I could be wrong

BTAIM - Be that as it may

BTC - Bit test and complement

BTCOOM - Beats the crap out of me

BTDT - Been there, done that

BTDTGTTS - Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt

BTHOM - Beats the hell outta me

BTHOOM - Beats the heck out of me

BTLCOM - Beats the living crap out of me

BTOBD - Be there or be dead

BTOBS - Be there or be square

BTSOOM BTW - By the way

BTTH - Boot to the head

BTTT - Back to the top

BTW - By the way

BTWBO - Be there with bells on

BTWITIAILW/U - By the way I think I am in love with you

BU - Branch unit

BUDWEISER - Because you deserve what every individual should ever receive

BUNDY - But unfortunately not dead yet

BW - Best wishes

BWAM - Because we are mean

BWDIK - But what do I know?

BWG - Big wide grin

BWL - Bursting with laughter

BWO - Black, white or other

BWQ - Buzz word quotient

BWTHDIK - But what the heck do I know

BY - Busy

BYAM - Between you and me

BYKT - But you knew that

BYKTA - But you knew that already

BYOA - Bring your own advil

BYOB - Bring your own booze/bottle

BYOH - Bat you onna head

BYOM - Bring your own mac

BYORL - Bring your own rocket launcher