Email & Chat Acronyms & Abbreviations

Enjoy our popular email, online chat and text messaging acronyms and abbreviations.
Acronyms are an integral part of email, chat rooms, forums, instant messaging and text messaging. Many are not true pronounceable acronyms, but are generally accepted as acronyms.
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    A-OLs  -  Administrators on-line.
    A/S/L  -  Age / Sex / Location.
    A3  -  Anyplace, anywhere, anytime.
    AA  -  Ask about.
    AAA  -  Awesome, awesome, awesome.
    AACT  -  Adults and children talking.
    AAF  -  Always and forever.
    AAF  -  As a friend.
    AAG  -  Almost anything goes.
    AAIFTM  -  And all in for this match. (Sports betting forums.)
    AAK  -  Alive and kicking.
    AAK  -  Asleep at the keyboard.
    AAM  -  After all men.
    AAM  -  All about me.
    AAMOF  -  As a matter of fact.
    AAMOI  -  As a matter of interest.
    AAN  -  Another author's note.
    AAR, AAR8  -  At any rate.
    AAS  -  Alive and smiling.
    AAS  -  All-to-all scatter.
    AATK  -  Always at the keyboard.
    AATP  -  All about the paper.
    AAYF  -  As always, your friend.
    AB  -  Features attributes benefits.
    ABC  -  Already been chewed.